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8 New Year’s Resolutions All Vapers Should Try to Make

Posted by David on

We’re already at the end of 2022, if you can believe it. And, with a new year on the horizon comes an urge to reevaluate our lives and come up with some resolutions to benefit us into 2023. If you’re a vaper, you might not have considered all of the great resolutions that you can make this year to take your hobby to the next level.

#1: Quit Smoking Entirely

If you haven’t already, consider making this year the year that you finally say goodbye to cigarettes, once and for all. A lot of vapers “sit on the fence” for a while, smoking some cigs here and there, and vaping the rest of the time. But, at the end of the day, countless vapers have proven that you don’t need analogs when you have a good vaping setup. So, make 2023 the year that you ditch the cigarettes, and we’re sure you’ll never look back.

#2: Develop Some DIY Skills

Maybe this is the year that you personalize your vaping lifestyle a little bit more with some DIY skills. Whether you just want to become a flavor-blending hobbyist (mixing two manufactured e-liquids together to come up with a new flavor profile) or a total DIY vaper with your own e-juices and coils made from scratch, exploring the do-it-yourself side of the vaping world can be intensely rewarding, letting you explore your creativity and enjoy a sense of pride each time you savor a successful vape thanks to your own creations.

#3: Master Some Vape Tricks

If you’re a cloud chaser, this might be a great time to start exploring some vape tricks – aka visual tricks you can do with the thick and fluffy clouds you blow out. If you want to go that route, we recommend that you start by mastering smoke rings. It’s an impressive trick that has spawned more complex tricks that you can try, but it’s relatively easy as a beginner if you have some time and patience. From there, you can impress your friends with epic vape tricks that you’ve become a pro at.

#4: Expand Your Flavor Horizons

Maybe you’ve been staying a bit too much in your comfort zone when it comes to e-liquid flavor. For instance, it’s common to find one flavor you like, and stick with it for months – even years – because it gets the job done. But, you’re missing out on literally hundreds of absolutely amazing flavors out there, developed by the best names in the industry. If you’ve been all about your tobacco flavors since you started vaping years ago, step outside and try out all of the desserts, fruits, creams and other flavor profiles that await you.

#5: Take Better Care of Your Setup

Lots of us slack when it comes to maintaining our hardware. Maybe we let a little bit too much juice gunk build up in our tank, or we fail to replace the batteries as often as we should. Today’s vape hardware is reliable, durable and advanced, but if you’re not taking care of it the right way, it’s not going to give you the full potential that it can offer in terms of things like flavor, cloud production and consistency in performance.

So, make it a point to start cleaning your setup once a week, at least. At the very least, vaping hardware that isn’t cleaned regularly is unsanitary, and no one wants to keep pressing a germ-ridden drip tip against their lips. Get some isopropyl alcohol or vodka and mix it with water, before soaking all of the non-electronic components of your kit for a good 2 hours. Then, wipe down the device, including the connections for the tank and battery/batteries, and you’re good to go.

#6: Stop Using Old Coils

A common bad habit among vapers is letting their coils get way too close to dying before switching. Fresh coils mean better flavor, smoother vapor and better clouds, while old coils can cause spitback, dry hits, leaks and weak vapor output, not to mention terrible, muddy flavor. So, stop using those coils past their expiration date, and ring in the new year with a good vaping habit, in which you switch out your coils as soon as you notice that their performance is beginning to dwindle.

#7: Get More High-Tech

The world of vaping technology is constantly evolving, and thus finding new ways to give us the most satisfying experience possible. But, a lot of us don’t take full advantage of how far the industry has come. Nowadays, the average sub-ohm system comes with tons of output modes and other exciting features that we’d guess a lot of vapers have never actually tried. Needless to say, you might be missing out on the latest and greatest innovations in the industry if you’re sticking to the same wattage setting you’ve been using since you began vaping years ago.

#8: Try Something New

Finally, consider trying something totally new, if you’ve been vaping the same way since you first began. This can mean exploring salt nic e-liquids as opposed to the more traditional freebase e-juices, or simply exploring a pod system as an alternative to a sub-ohm vape kit. Like we said, today’s market has loads of new e-liquids and hardware arriving on the scene, and you never know what your new favorite way may be in order to enjoy tasty clouds.

New Year’s is Right Around the Corner!

We’re only a month away from New Year’s, and that means that now is the time to start thinking about what your vaping resolution is going to be. Whether it’s something major like quitting cigarettes, or something as simple as trying a new type of device, this is the perfect time to make a change that will benefit your life as a vaper.

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