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A Quick Resource for Beginner DIY E-Liquid Making

Posted by David on

The Vape Mall DIY Vape Juice

The cost of e-juice is one of the few drawbacks of vaping. You can easily go through 10-20ml daily if you’re using a sub-ohm setup. If you’re a fan of the premium brands like Cuttwood, the costs can add up rapidly. Cosmic Fog and Suicide Bunny are other examples. 

Never worry because there is a solution to these problems. You can make your liquid. One of the fastest growing hobbies is the DIY e-juice field for vapers. You can make a bottle of vape   vape juice, with a little guidance, as good as a store-purchased product. You will get complete in control of your PG/VG and nicotine needs at a fraction of the cost. Here is an an-easy-to-follow guide for your DIY homemade e-juice.

In simple terms, there are four main elements you need to mix your DIY homemade e-juice. They are flavoring, nicotine, PG, and VG. However, you don’t need all the above elements. For instance, you may not use all these if you want maximum VG juice for sub-ohm vaping or prefer the nicotine-free e-juice. For better e-juice, the four are better for a start. You don’t need any chemical engineering knowledge to make the juice. If you can boil water, then making the juice is very simple.

What You Need to Make the DIY E-Juice

To get started, you need to purchase some kit. However, you will make money back through the savings. For a start, you need the following four components:

Vegetable Glycerine (VG): they constitute the bulk of the e-liquid. To begin with, half a liter or a full liter will usually be more than enough to start out with. 

Propylene Glycol(PG): you will want a bottle for this if you are are not wanting a max vg blend as PG will thin out the juice and is often good to mix with non sub ohm devices, 260-500ml bottle is a good starting point.

Nicotine: For a better vaping experience, purchase high-quality nicotine. 48mg or 100mg is safer for starters to buy. Keeping in mind that you can get this in a pg or vg blend.

Flavor Concentrates: They determine the taste of the e-juice. For this reason, you can purchase a combination, per your preference. Most flavoring is PG based so you will want to make sure you count for that in your pg/vg ratio

For the actual mixing process, there are some components to purchase. They include scales, syringes, beakers, labels, e-juice bottles, and storage bottles.

How Do I Make DIY Vape Juice? A Step-By-Step Guide

Step 1#: Ratios and Recipes
Find a recipe of the e-juice you want and purchase the important ingredients. You then proceed to the correct PG/VG ratio necessary. For non subohm vapers, adding a some pg is often preferred. Otherwise, proceed with a 50/50 ratio

Step #2: Measurements
If you are stuck on measurements, there are numerous online calculators to help you proceed with measurements. ELR is one of the most popular online all-in-one calculators. It provides a table showing the weight, volume, and percentage of each ingredient.

Step #3. Mixing
Ensure you are at a clean area before mixing. Use plastic trays and rubber gloves in case of spillages.

  • By Volume: it’s trickier to use sizes. However, the syringes will help you.
  • By Weight: focus on the grams if you are using scales. Drop the correct amount of grams to the empty bottles to complete the process

Final Step: Post-Mixing
Label the mixtures using nicotine-level, PG/VG ratio, and flavor percentage. If you use different flavors, give them time to steep before testing them. Ensure you store them in a cool, dry place after testing.

The only limit to the development of fantastic DIY e-juices is your imagination. Nothing should stop you. Get whatever gives you passion.

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