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Looking For the Right Throat Hit

Posted by The Vape Mall on

Get that right throat hit is one of the most important qualities both new and experienced vapers can look for when it comes the e-liquid paired with the vaping device of their choice. It can be hard, however, to find a proper throat hit when the very term is somewhat vague!

Throat hit can be defined (in terms of vaping) as the feel of vapor in both your lungs and in the back of your throat. A weak throat hit can feel like nothing was inhaled at all, while an overly strong throat hit will be painful and possibly damaging to your throat. The experience of a fulfilling throat hit is considered one of the biggest components of a good vaping experience. But how can one go about obtaining that perfect throat hit?

The best place to start is with the flavor of the e-liquid you’re choosing. While e-liquids have a range of exciting flavors to sample from, it’s quintessential to find the right one that produces enough vapor with enough flavor to satisfy the ever-important taste craving. Another critical component is that of the nicotine level of the e-liquid. Preferences on nicotine level will differ among newbie and experienced vapers, but the general rule of thumb is that a higher nicotine level provides a stronger throat hit than a low level e-liquid concentration. There are other additives that can add to throat hit, such as lactic acid, capsaicin, and even grain alcohol. However, these are fairly rare compared to nicotine, and some can be respiratory tract irritants.

Getting a bit more in-depth with that, Propylene Glycol (PG) is recognized to create a tremendous and awesome throat hit, hence why some vapers out there lean towards it in their e-juice selection.

Surprisingly, keeping your device’s battery clean and charged will enhance the throat hit. Cleaning both the device, such as the tank, and the battery should be a monthly (if not weekly) activity, and proper maintenance will increase the device’s life and the intensity of the throat hit. If that’s not enough, a high voltage device will provide a warmer liquid than the average one. The warmer liquid will have a tendency to produce smoother vapor and therefore, produce a better throat hit.

Above all else, the most important part of finding a perfect throat hit is experimentation. Try as many different combinations and flavors as possible! Each vaper will have slightly different preferences and settings when it comes to vaping. Different habits will lead to a variety of desires and tendencies. It’s up to you to find the qualities in your vape and e-liquid that give you and you alone the best throat hit.

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