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An Age Old Vaping Battle: PG vs. VG

Posted by David on

PG vs VG

No matter where you live and what vape shop you regularly go to, you’ll always hear the same debates about PG and VG. This debate has raged on for at least a decade, and there’s no stopping it in sight. Vapers will always have a preference for one or the other in their  e-liquids, and as we all know vapers can definitely have some very strong personalities. Vapers are also extremely good at researching and finding tons of information online, so debates are always well-informed and comprehensive. Nevertheless, the differences in opinion will pop up all the time.

So how will you ever know what’s right for you?

To figure out what you prefer, the first thing you must know is exactly what the two abbreviations actually stand for. PG is short for Propylene Glycol, a commonly found agent for long-term storage of anything in liquid form. You may hear rumors that Propylene Glycol is found in antifreeze - and it’s totally true. However, it’s also found in almost every single packaged drink you’ll find at the supermarket. It’s also found in the majority or products you own, from Tupperware to canned foods. Propylene Glycol is extremely safe, and keeps your e-liquid from instantly spoiling. It also provides a nice smooth vapor when vaporized, and retains the true flavor of the e-juice quite well.

VG, the abbreviation for Vegetable Glycerin, is the other common agent for vape juice storage. Vegetable Glycerin is a more natural agent, as it comes directly from byproducts of natural processes of plants. Instead of just providing a smooth hit and true flavor, VG gives the vapor a much thicker feel. It also enhances sweetness of the liquid due to its chemical properties.

E-liquids will commonly use just one of the two compounds, but it is becoming increasingly common to see a ratio of the VG and PG in your juices. Different ratios will produce different results in both flavor and vapor texture, and companies are endlessly experimenting to make it perfect for you.

However, vapers will generally prefer one of the two compounds to be dominant in the mix depending on how they like to vape. Casual vapers will tend to prefer using PG heavy or 50/50 mixed e-juice, as they want a smooth vapor that goes down easily. Furthermore, they’ll want a distinct flavor that is representative of what the original creators wanted. Propylene glycol delivers exactly that, and those vapers will tell you to use nothing other than PG. On the other side, vapers who use Vegetable Glycerin based juices are very strongly opinionated.  Vape juice with this base are geared more toward MOD users and cloud chasers, as VG gives vapor a much thicker and fuller texture. Though to some it is much harder to intake due to its sweetness and thickness, to those who can it is nothing short of the best. Also, vapers who enjoy dessert or sweet flavors strongly prefer VG.

Ultimately, choosing the right e-liquid for you comes down to personal preference. Strong supporters of PG-based e-liquids will try to sway you to join their side; VG fans will do the same. The sagest advice we can give you is to try both and decide for yourself. Don’t let yourself be swayed by others’ opinions, and enjoy the experience of trying new tastes, textures, and flavors to the fullest, especially the wide array of e-juice flavors you can find here at  The Vape Mall.

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