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Mastering the Basics for the Way of the Coil

Posted by David on

Coil Building

Building coils is not rocket science, but that doesn't mean just twist wire and throw it in a buddy's RDA and expect it to work right either. There’s a balance between experimentation and the uneducated guess to see what happens.

Which would you rather be?

The Basic Principles

There needs to be an understanding of volts, watts, and ohms for this craft, and it isn't hard to gather information on any of it. Spare yourself the frustration of trying to figure out what went wrong. First, learn Ohms Law! Gain a firm understanding of wattage and how ohms make the coil work.

The Right Tools

Tools are not hard to find and they don't cost too much either. You can buy them separate, or you can go buy a kit here at The Vape Mall, and conveniently enough, there is one called the coil master! The basics are coiling tools ranging from 1mm to 3mm, pliers, nylon tipped pliers or smooth jaw pliers, tweezers, ceramic tweezers, flush cutting clippers, an ohm meter for testing, and if you plan to do the more difficult builds like claptons or staples, you’ll need some kind of cordless drill and a solid mounting clamp or vise.


A good understanding of the proper process is also necessary. It isn't hard if you write it down until you memorize it and follow the steps in the proper order. Protect your vaping reputation by doing it the same way every time.

10 Steps:

  • 1.Prep your materials and have your work space clean and organized.
  • 2.Twist your coil.
  • 3.Remove the battery from your MOD.
  • 4.Mount it to the work piece.
  • 5.Clip the leads.
  • 6.Place battery in to the MOD.
  • 7.Gently pulse at a lower wattage. As you pulse, crimp the coil together with the ceramic tweezers to get the coils compressed together. Watch for hot spots and continue pulsing until the coil heats evenly from the center and let it cool. Make sure that your coil is adjusted for proper air flow and not going to short out on the cover.
  • 8.Test it! Make sure that you understand that if you are doing a dual coil build and your single coil is at 1.0 ohms, the second coil will take it to .5 ohms.
  • 9.Wick it.
  • 10.Add e-juice.

The truth is, it takes time. The more you do, the more you’ll learn. Research will get you so far, but real experience can't be beat. So, you want to be a coil master?

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