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A Quick Guide to Using the Vhit Airflow Control 2n1 Dry Herb Wax Tank

Posted by David on

The Vhit Airflow Control 2n1 Dry Herb Wax Tank is a uniquely versatile and compact vaping tank that you can use to enjoy both your dry herb and your wax concentrates. With highly advanced technology, this tank offers loads of features that improve the overall experience of vaping your herb. It’s also extremely reliable and durable thanks to the excellent construction and dependable mechanisms built within the system.

If you’re eager to get started using your brand-new herbal tank, you’ve come to the right place. We’re gonna walk you through the steps of using this sophisticated piece of vaping equipment so that you can enjoy superb pleasure while getting your dose of herb. It’s easy to use, so you won’t have any trouble following along.

Step #1: Remove the Vhit Airflow Control 2n1 Dry Herb Wax Tank from its packaging. Remove the replacement heads and put them to the side.

Step #2: Choose a vaping device that you’d like to use with this tank. It must be compatible with this tank or else you won’t get the vaping experience that you want. Make sure that it’s completely charged by plugging it into your charger.

Step #3: Decide whether you want to vape dry herb or wax concentrate. Then, attach the corresponding atomizer head to the Dry Herb Wax Tank.

Step #4: Insert a coil into the tank. You must use the M4 coils that are designed to be used with this tank. They are sold separately.

Step #5: Load up your tank with your wax concentrate or dry herb. You’ll find the chamber by twisting off the top of the tank. Then, put the tank back together.

Step #6: Fire a hit to enjoy a smooth, even flow of vapor. After each couple of hits, press down on the mouthpiece. This will rearrange the herb so that you never get any dry hits. It will also clean the tank so that no pieces of debris get burned and ruin your vaping experience.

Final Step: Continue vaping until you’re satisfied.

The Vhit Airflow Control 2n1 Dry Herb Wax Tank is a highly sophisticated vape tank that can handle all of your herb-related needs. By learning how to use it properly, you’ll enjoy an unparalleled vaping experience.

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