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Coil Technology Has Come a Long Way

Posted by David on

It's hard to believe that in just a few short years, vape coils have gone from being an overlooked part of the setup to one of the most important components of all. In a short period of time, vaping technology has advanced tremendously. We now know that the coil that you use determines everything from battery life to cloud size. 

With so many different types of devices, tanks and e-juices out there, especially here at The Vape Mall, this industry offers an incredible range of coil styles. These days they come in a wide range of sizes, resistance levels, materials and overall designs.

So, how have they really changed over time?

Sub-Ohm Vaping

It might be hard to believe that the first vape coils had resistance levels that were above 2ohms. Of course, this was before the days of cloud chasing. The earliest coils were designed for low-wattage devices that, unsurprisingly, produced a very small amount of vapor. Now, however, tastes are different.

As vaping has become increasingly popular, it has become apparent that a large majority of vapers crave huge clouds of thick, fluffy vapor. Nowadays, sub-ohm coils are pretty much the standard and are renowned for their ability to create an abundance of extremely dense vapor that feels smooth as it goes down the throat.

Pod Mod Systems

One of the most recent trends in this industry is the pod mod system. Designed to mimic the experience of smoking a cigarette, pod mods use e-liquids made with nicotine salts. These devices tend to have low wattage levels. However, thanks to brilliant innovations in coil technology, they are still capable of producing a good amount of vapor and a very powerful throat hit. These coils tend to have resistance levels that are above one ohm. They're also incredibly small despite their power.

New Materials

Once upon a time, coils were made from cheap metal materials. Now, however, we have coils that are made from high-quality materials such as ceramic and mesh. These materials allow coils to last longer while improving many aspects of the vaping experience. Resistant to heat, these coils are great for high-wattage vaping devices.

Another welcome advancement is Organic Japanese Cotton. This high-quality wicking material has become standard. It absorbs e-liquid flawlessly, resulting in better flavor and smoother draws.

More Reliable Construction

To the delight of vapers around the world, coils have become more reliable over the years. It was only a few years ago when it was normal to receive a defective coil in a pack of five. Now, hardware brands have raised their standards, resulting in coils that are more dependable and are built to last.

DIY Vaping

DIY vaping has become more and more popular. This style of vaping allows the vaper to build and install their own coils. Hardware manufacturers have made it easy to become a DIYer by creating user-friendly coil-building kits.

The Coil Times Are Changing

The world of vape coils has drastically changed for the better over the years. Nowadays, vape enthusiasts can select a coil that's perfectly suited for their unique vaping needs.

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