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Best 2022 Springtime The Vape Mall E-Liquid Flavors

Posted by David on

Are you ready for the wonderful aromas and flavors of the springtime season? Great, because at The Vape Mall, you'll find some amazing e-liquid flavors that instantly make you feel like spring is in the air. Between seasonal berries and light, refreshing desserts, you'll be able to get into the spring season with these amazing vapes - glorify everything that we adore about the springtime in general.

Springtime E-Juice Flavor #5: Hollywood

If you’re in need of a serious candy fix now that the weather is warm, Hollywood combines three fresh citrus fruits with the perfect amount of sour sugary splendor. Succulent, tart, and sugary, you will get transported to very flavorful place.

As you inhale, that zesty, tart taste of lemons and limes makes your mouth simply water. The fruity brightness makes you feel uplifted like a warm spring breeze. Then, as you exhale, intense sweetness takes total control, putting you in a state of euphoria.

Springtime E-Liquid Flavor #4: Boysenberry

Boysenberries don’t get enough love, do they? Well, at The Vape Mall, we appreciate what this magical berry has to offer in terms of delectable flavor. Boysenberry is a vape juice that pays tribute to those little juicy gems of fruity wonder.

Each time you inhale, that berry’s brightness erupts on the tongue, making the mouth instantly water like crazy. When exhaling, succulent nectar soaks into the palate, allowing you to indulge in those natural sugars.

Springtime E-Juice Flavor #3: Strawmallow

Anyone out there who simply craves amazing desserts during the warmer months of spring will enjoy Strawmellow. It takes fluffy, sugary and oh-so creamy marshmallows, melts them down, and then tops them off with fresh slices of strawberries that have ripened beautifully beneath the warm springtime sun.

Inhale the strawberry’s tanginess and tartness before smooth marshmallow taste rushes through the palate. You will finally get sensational creaminess unbelievable sweetness takes over when exhaling.

Springtime E-Liquid Flavor #2: Apricot

The taste of spring wouldn’t be complete unless you bit into a fresh apricot. However, in this case, vaping The Vape Mall’s Apricot e-juice flavor is even better.

The inhale bursts with an aromatic scent along with a smooth n’ sweet splendor, as the vapor brings to mind green grass and fruit trees. When exhaling, a faint tartness rounds it out perfectly.

Springtime E-Liquid Flavor #1: Honeysuckle

Honeysuckles begin to blossom late March into early April, filling the air with their remarkable scent. In fact, that sweet, floral aroma never fails to make us feel a deep sense of bliss. Honeysuckle e-liquid has that complex aroma and flavor of those gorgeous little flowers that you’re sure to enjoy vaping with.

Inhale those floral notes, intriguing your palate while soothing all five senses. Slowly, that sweet honey flavor starts to take over, hitting the sweet tooth where it counts. On the exhale, get ready to feel extra rejuvenated.

Get into the Spring Season with The Vape Mall

Spring is approaching, and soon the sun will be shining bright and setting later on. Plus, a nice breeze flowing will have you feeling extra good. That’s why these spring-inspired e-juice flavors above will get you ready for the season. Each simply vapes like spring in a bottle.

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