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When’s it the Right Time to Change Your Vaping Coils?

Posted by David on

The Vape Mall Coil

For you to have a better vaping experience using your vaping device, certain items should be bought on a regular basis. They include the atomizer coils and e-liquid. However, there’s always confusion as to when and why to replace an atomizer coil. This confusion emanates from the fact that numerous factors are determining when the coil should be replaced and its lifespan. 

An atomizer coil or the replacement coil is part of the device that heats the liquid to turn it into vapor. There are general types through which they come, including dual-coil or single-coil. For the dual-coil, they contain two heating elements to vaporize the e-juice simultaneously. On the other hand, the single-coils have one heating element.

Factors Which Determine the Lifespan of a Coil

Numerous factors determine how long you can use a coil:

  • The PG/VG consistency and acidity level of the e-juice are tops on the factors list. Moreover, the amount of power running and vape are also contributory factors.
  • As a matter of fact, the coil will burn out faster when you use a high acidity level e-juice. There are certain –juices and flavors that have a higher acidity level that contributes to the faster burns. Moreover, your coil will tend to need a quicker replacement when you use a higher VG content juice.
  • The voltage and wattage level running in your atomizer coil determine the longevity of the coil. Your coil will burn faster if you use high power. The heating capability of the wire lessens if you use high wattage. For this reason, fewer vapors will be produced. Moreover, frequent vapors need their coils replaced because they age with time.

When to Replace E-Cigarette Coils

If you are using a three-part e-cig with a disposable drip tip or cartridge, the most important part of your e-smoking is the coil. You will not produce any vapor without the coil. This coil can last up to a month. However, regular vapers should replace the coil, before that duration is achieved, usually around 5-8 days. Before it needs to be replaced, it fails gradually. If you fail to enjoy your vaping experience as you did, it’s time to replace the coil. There are ways in which you can detect failures which include: Burnt taste or weak flavor, poor vapor production, a symphony of gurgling noise, a leaky atomizer, and no production of vapor.

When to Replace My Portable Vaporizer Coil
Some flavor purist recommends a change of the coil for the portable vaporizers every time you change the flavor and some vapers change it only when it’s necessary. Just like a car, the upkeep necessity varies with the performance. You should replace the coil if you experience any of the following while using the portable vaporizers:

  • Gurgling
  • Leakage issues
  • Reduced vapor/flavor production
  • Lingering flavors
  • Uncanny ohm readings
  • Burnt taste
  • Dissatisfaction with your general vape

When to Replace Your Dripper or RDA’s Coils & Wick
When the wick is burnt or the coil is worn out, then the dripper’s coils need a replacement. This can be daily or up to 4 weeks elapse, most vapers need to change their coils. This depends on how frequent they use their dripper. Tip: You should monitor the taste of your vapor to determine the right time to replace. For all-day-long modders, they need a replacement on a couple day to weekly basis. When your vapor taste is hot or dry, or burnt, and the e-liquid is in unnoticeable, it’s time to change the juice.

Your coil can be the ficklest part of your vaping device. For this reason, you should treat it as such. For a better vaping experience, you should replace the coils on a regular basis.

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