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The Vape Mall Hardware Spotlight: ASPIRE ATLANTIS

Posted by David on

Aspire Altantis

Anyone who favors Box MODs knows that Aspire makes some of the most impressive tanks that are on the market. The Vape Mall's Hardware Spotlight is the AspireAtlantis, a highly advanced and extremely durable tank that can handle all your vaping needs. From its innovative design to its quality of materials, this tank will provide you with the best vaping experience of your life.

The Aspire Atlantis is a heavy-duty tank that demonstrates the very latest in vaping technology. The tank itself is made of quality stainless steel that's resistant to heat and dents. The glass piece is made of durable Pyrex that can withstand day-to-day use.

The wide bore drip tip improves overall airflow. The tallness of this drip tip feels extremely comfortable on the lips. The adjustable airflow options allow you to customize your vaping experience like never.

One of the most exciting features of the Aspire Atlantis is its unique anti-leak design. Everyone knows that horrible moment when they discover that their tank has been leaking juice everywhere. The Aspire Atlantis has addressed this common issue by building a tank that contains juice perfectly thanks to its unique design that prevents any liquid from seeping out.

Many vape enthusiasts adore this tank because of its ability to maximize flavor. This is partly the result of the high-quality coils that come with the tank. The vertical coil design ensures more even juice saturation, ensuring consistently flavorful hits that produce enormous clouds. The coils are made with high-quality cotton so that they won't burn out after just a couple of days of vaping.

The Aspire Atlantis is an incredibly user-friendly device that's easy to carry around thanks to its small size and sturdy construction. This tank can fit up to two milliliters of vape juice at a time. It's a bottom-feeding tank that twists off easily.
When you purchase the Aspire Atlantis, you'll also receive a piece of replacement glass and three coils.

Once you get your hands on the coveted Aspire Atlantis, you'll understand why it's The Vape Mall's Hardware Spotlight. This tank is extremely easy to use and provides you with a delicious vaping experience. It's built to last, meaning that it will satisfy your vaping needs for years to come.

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