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3 Quick Ways to Keep Your ASPIRE REVVO COIL Lasting Longer

Posted by David on

The Aspire Revvo Coil has become one of the most widely used coils out there right now. This amazing coil can maximize flavor and cloud production while lasting for an impressively long time. Of course, if you don't treat your coil properly, it's not going to last. Poor maintenance practices can result in a coil that dies within a couple days of use.

To make the most of your Revvo Coil, follow these three tips below:

Tip #1: Use the Correct Wattage Level

The Aspire Revvo Coil is meant to accommodate a range of 50 to 100 watts. According to the manufacturer, it functions best when your device is set between 80 and 85 watts. If you try to exceed 100 watts, your coil is very likely to die prematurely due to the materials becoming overheated.

Tip #2: Prime Your Coil Properly

Always prime your coil before vaping. If you don't prime your coil properly, it will burn out due to a lack of moisture that results in a burnt wick. To prime, simply saturate the cotton with vape juice and allow it to sit for five minutes before installing it into your vaping device. Make sure that you start at a low wattage and work your way up to prevent the coil from burning.

Tip #3: Steer Clear of Low-Quality E-Liquids

A low-quality e-juice can ruin your coil over time. Juices that contain high levels of cheap, sugary filler ingredients can cause a layer of gunk to encase your coil, causing it to burn as it can't receive enough moisture from the surrounding vape juice. This will result in an unpleasant flavor and weak hits. Always purchase high-quality juices from reputable manufacturers such as The Vape Mall. This way, you can be certain that your liquid won't harm your coil.

These three tips will ensure that your Aspire Revvo Coil lasts for a long time and delivers those satisfying hits all day long.

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