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The 3 Differences Between Pyrex and Glass Tanks

Posted by David on

Cartomizers or vape tanks are crucial vaping gear parts. The tanks hold the e-liquid. They also contain a coil that is activated to vaporize the liquid. Selecting a suitable vape tank can be a tedious task, especially if one is not familiar with vaping. When you are buying a vape tank, it is important that you ensure that it matches your device and e-liquid. 

The most expensive, or even the best tanks in the market, aren’t always the best. The tank may not produce your required flavor or taste, regardless of the type of e-liquid used. This is because they may not be designed for each other. That is why we will discuss three main differences between glass and Pyrex tanks.

Strength of the Materials
Pyrex is 4 to 6 times harder than glass. While both tanks are made from the same material, various processes are used to manufacture the products at the industrial level. Pyrex is a tempered glass that acquires different and better characteristics than normal glass. It is made from a low coefficient of borosilicate. Glass is weaker than Pyrex because it is blown and pressed before it is molded. This means that Pyrex tanks can withstand high temperatures than glass tanks. Pyrex tanks are used because of their unique ability to absorb shock. This is caused by the electrical process of heating the e-liquid.

Breaking of the Tank Materials
Pyrex and glass are susceptible to breakage upon heating. The breaking pattern is what differentiates the two materials. Pyrex often shatters into cubical pieces while glass breaks into sharp edged pieces. The debris resulting from glass are dangerous and may damage the lungs. A professional glass blower describes the pieces as microchips that can be inhaled into the lungs. The difference in their breakage pattern is a result of the materials` varying strength. This also causes a difference in tastes of flavors that are used in Pyrex and glass tanks. All flavors can be used in Pyrex tanks. Glass tanks are selective to some of the flavors because glass is easily decomposed upon heating.

Sudden Change in Temperature
Pyrex is suitable to sudden temperature changes. Glass breaks if it is heated suddenly. This means that e-liquid flavors vaporize quickly in Pyrex tanks as opposed to glass tanks. Glass tanks require slow progressive heating. Pyrex is very reliable and durable to bear hot conditions. It is also made to tolerate temperature changes in the environment. You can use it in cold and hot areas. Researchers have proven that the compatibility of Pyrex with various types of vape juice flavors is due to its ability to heat quickly. This enables it to produce different flavors as opposed to glass tanks. Vapers should choose their best tanks based on their preferred method of heating. While some people enjoy vaporizing the liquid quickly, others prefer watching the liquid heat and vaporize slowly.

Vapers should be very careful when selecting their vaping tank. Most tanks cannot sustain high temperatures. Others produce microchips that can be harmful to the lungs. The above comparison of Pyrex and glass tanks shows the characteristic differences that exist between the two materials. It is clear, Pyrex tanks are the better of the two types of tanks.

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