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That Gunky Battery Needs to Go!

Posted by David on

When it comes to vaping, there could be some things to worry about. While some vapers worry about germs because of the mouthpiece, there are also worries concerning parts that encounter the environment like the battery. Because of this, an e-cigarette or MOD can harbor potential problems if not properly taken care of. This also includes the proper maintenance of all the device’s parts.

When it comes to maintaining your device’s parts, the most overlooked part to keep clean is the battery. The main reason why is because vapers only see it as a charging source for their device, and don't consider it a detrimental part of their vaping experience. Therefore, it is important to understand the whole picture for your battery's use and what it helps enable once it is fully charged.

With the battery connection being the only thing to let your device function properly, it is essential to keep your battery clean and replaced if needed. With power streaming through the connection, it is the only power source that creates the necessary heat to transform your favorite e-juice flavors into the rich vape you've come to enjoy. But, if you allow your battery connection to get too gunky and dirty, then your power and heating source will cease to exist. Likewise, if you have a leaky tank, the leaks can easily buildup around the connections, rendering your device useless.

Another issue is maintaining proper hand washing before vaping. Having dirty hands can easily buildup the dirt and grime from handling your device over time. If you utilize a USB to charge your battery, be aware that dirt particles can buildup to cause it to malfunction all together and requiring you to purchase a new battery.

Luckily, it doesn't take much to keep your battery functioning properly and maintaining its cleanliness. Just by following a few tips, you will be able to ensure that your battery will remain clean and free of gunk.

The first tip is an obvious one, washing your hands if you plan to vape. Just by washing your hands you are preventing a buildup of dirt that could wreak havoc on your battery.

As a vaper, it is easy to clean your battery. Grab a few Q-tips and some rubbing alcohol. You want to wet the tip of a Q-tip and swab around the battery area where it connects to both the cartomizer and tank. The alcohol should be able to cut through any dirt and grime. Make sure to clean any air holes that you see as they too can have a buildup of dirt.

For you portable vaporizers and larger vape pens, the same techniques apply to their cleaning. Because of their connections being a little bigger, you could use simple wet wipes. Make sure to clean the air intake holes too, because they will be bigger and can allow more dirt to build up inside.

For MODs, you will need to take extra care of the battery because of their amount of vapor that they produce and the amount of battery power they use to obtain the most amount of vapes. Simply using alcohol to clean the connections will do the trick. Just remember that your mods battery is a big part of the surface area, so it would be a good idea to take your time cleaning it and wiping it down on the outside. By rubbing you'll be able to keep the harmful bacteria away before you vape the next time.

Just by cleaning your connections, you will be able to maintain your batteries overall functionality. Keeping this frame of mind will allow you to get many hours out of your battery before you'll need to replace it.

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