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Open Pod System Vape Battery Maintenance

Posted by David on

It’s an unfortunate fact that one of the most overlooked aspects of a person’s vape setup is their batteries. Needless to say, without good batteries, your vaping sessions won’t be very satisfying. Batteries that aren’t cared for properly become weak over time, resulting in hits that don’t deliver the proper amount of vapor to satisfy the user’s cravings.

If you use a pod mod that utilizes a separate battery, it is extremely important that you take good care of your battery. We’re going to help you discover the ways in which you can keep those pod system batteries working perfectly for a long time to come.

Clean Them Regularly

One of the most important aspects of vape battery maintenance is cleaning. About once each week, you should take the time to clean your vape battery in order to prevent it from being coated in a layer of gunk and debris.

Because pod cartridges tend to be located just above the battery, the battery’s connections are more likely to come into contact with the tiny amount of e-liquid that inevitably seeps out of the cartridge. Once those battery connections encounter e-juice, the heat produced by the battery creates a layer of film that can interfere with your battery’s ability to properly connect to the cartridge. This can cause your battery to stop working altogether.

Luckily, the remedy is simple. Each week take a cotton swab and dip it into some rubbing alcohol. Then, thoroughly rub the cotton swab into each battery connection, being careful not to press too hard. This will remove any gunk and debris that’s come into contact with your battery connections.

Don’t Let the Battery Die Before Recharging

We know that the batteries that are compatible with pod mods tend to have lower capacities than the batteries that go into large box mod devices. This means that you’ll probably spend more time recharging throughout the day. Still, that’s no excuse to regularly allow your batteries to completely die before recharging them.

We always suggest that you recharge your batteries as soon as the LED light is yellow. Otherwise, you can drain your battery’s capacity, causing the battery to become weaker and weaker over time.

Store Your Batteries Properly

It’s never recommended that you keep your spare vape batteries loose in a place where they will come into contact with dust, dirt and debris. Dust, dirt and debris particles can make their way into the battery, ruining its functionality.

If you can, invest in a battery case that protects your batteries throughout the day. Otherwise, be sure to store them in a safe place that’s not dirty or dusty.

Don’t Let Them Sit Unused for Too Long

It’s important that you use your vape batteries at least once a week in order to prevent them from dying. As batteries sit unused, they lose their capacity.

A Healthy Battery is a Satisfying Vape

By taking good care of your pod mod batteries, you’ll be able to enjoy your vaping sessions thanks to a well-functioning device.

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