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Top 5 2020 Summertime E-Liquids to Purchase from The Vape Mall

Posted by David on

During the summer season, our cravings change as we desire more refreshing flavors, as well as treats that remind us of summers past. These e-liquids are great for summertime vaping, and you’ll find that each one helps you get into the spirit in its own unique way.

Summertime E-Liquid #5: Cucumber

If the hot weather leaves you feeling parched and in need of something rejuvenating, you’ll wanna grab Cucumber. This e-liquid pays homage to that beautiful flavor that never fails to cool us down, invigorate our taste buds and make us feel absolutely restored from head to toe.

On the inhale, the coolness of the cucumber is apparent right away, as its crisp notes start to tease the palate. A hint of sweetness balances out the mellow flavor, and the juiciness quenches your thirst. On the exhale, you’ll feel restored.

Summertime E-Liquid #4: Strawmallow

Strawmallow is the ultimate summertime dessert, boasting two of our favorite flavors of the season. Freshly picked, perfectly ripe strawberries are folded into creamy, fluffy marshmallow goodness, producing a flavor combination that’s nothing short of intoxicating. If you have a sweet tooth, you’ll never want to put this one down.

As you pull on your mod, you’ll get the bright, fruity berry taste as its succulent nectar splashes all over your palate. As the strawberry flavor becomes sweeter, that smooth marshmallow flavor comes through, becoming creamier and more sugary as it settles into the tongue on the exhale.

Summertime E-Liquid #3: SMP

SMP is the ultimate fruity vape if the dreamy summer weather makes you imagine being on a tropical beach in the middle of paradise. A trio of succulent fruits hits the spot while evoking images of beautiful beaches at sunset.

At first, you’ll be treated to bright, juicy mango, followed by juicy, ripe strawberries. On the exhale, sweet pineapple juice hits the spot like crazy.

Summertime E-Liquid #2: Cola

If your favorite summertime treat is a cold and refreshing beverage, Cola is the e-liquid that you need. Sweet, bubbly and refreshing, this vape juice quenches the thirst while satisfying your taste buds with one of the most beloved flavors of all time.

The inhale allows you to enjoy the sweet and smooth cola taste that you know and love. The effervescence teases your tongue as the vapor goes down the throat. On the exhale, the sweetness becomes absolutely euphoria-inducing.

Summertime E-Liquid #1: Waterberry

Waterberry is a mouthwatering blend of freshly cut watermelon and juicy raspberries. These two fruits complement each other beautifully, providing your palate with an incredibly refreshing and uniquely tantalizing flavor combination.

As you take in a cloud of vapor, the bright, tangy raspberry taste comes alive on the tongue. When you exhale, cool, crisp and sweet watermelon takes over.

Summertime Vaping Just Got Even More Refreshing Here at The Vape Mall

There’s nothing like enjoying the hot weather with an amazing seasonal e-juice in your mod’s tank. These juices will do the trick, satisfying your cravings all season long. Plus, they’re great to keep them in rotation when you’re doing your summer traveling.

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