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Why is Keeping Your ELiquids Properly Stored During Those Hot Summer Days So Crucial?

Posted by David on

This time of year, we are enjoying our vaping setups like never before as we can savor our favorite e-liquids while taking in the warm weather outdoors. While vaping in the summertime can be exhilarating like nothing else, a lot of us have to be aware that our setup may be sensitive to the heat, and this includes those e-liquids that you paid good money for.

So, you will soon find out why it is important to store out e-juices extra carefully during the summer months in order, of course, to keep them in great shape all summer long, no matter how hot it is outside.

Why Can Summer Weather Effect Your E-Liquids, and Just What Happens to Them, Anyway?

Well, there are two factors that are uniquely capable of damaging e-liquid formulas, heat, and light. And, of course, during the summertime, the bright sun and high temps can introduce a lot of these two elements into your precious e-juice collection.

Both heat and light contribute to the oxidization process that makes the molecules in an e-liquid breakdown at a rapid rate. The result? Vape juice that has all but completely lost its flavors, and in many cases, a lack of the nicotine potency that you carefully selected when purchasing your vape juices. Essentially, we need to go to greater lengths to protect our e-liquids during this time of year, since they are especially prone to degrading quickly and thus becoming a waste of money.

Tips for Protecting Your Vapes During the Summer Heat

Now that you know what can happen to your e-liquids during the summer season, let’s go over the best tips for preventing them from being harmed in any way as the days continue to get longer and the temperatures keep climbing.

Tip #1: Buy Higher Vegetable Glycerin (VG) E-Juices

Believe it or not, the more vegetable glycerin is in a formula, the less likely it is to be affected by these two highly abundant summertime elements. VG is more difficult to break down than PG due to its denser consistency, acting as a sort of shield to keep the flavor and nicotine in your e-liquids as stable as possible. Just keep in mind that higher VG liquids tend to do better with higher output levels due to their thickness, so you may need to make some temporary adjustments to your device to accommodate these more viscous e-juice formulas.

Tip #2: Keep Your Products Indoors

One of the worst things that you can do during the summer is leave your e-liquid bottles outside, or your devices outside with filled tanks or cartridges attached. There is a good chance that if you leave them out overnight, when you go to retrieve them the next day, a lot of damage will already have been done. Remember, we are also talking about leaving your vapes in a car, where temperatures can actually get hotter than they do outside. Always keep your vaping goods inside during the summer, and this includes your devices, which can also overheat.

Tip #3: Find a Cool, Dark Place for Storage in Your Home

Examples include a cabinet, drawer, or closet. These areas experience the least fluctuation in temperature and light exposure, and thus they keep your vape juices as stable as possible. Even on the hottest days of the year, these areas stay relatively cool so that you do not have to worry about oxidization occurring rapidly.

Tip #4: Avoid Sunny Windows

We urge you not to keep your e-liquid bottles there a direct sunlight can quickly damage your cape juices, causing them to become very unstable and lose their flavor and nicotine potency at a rapid pace.

Tip #5: Use Ultraviolet (UV) Bottles

If you can, keep your e-liquids in ultraviolet bottles, because they do a far better job of not absorbing light particles from the brightness of the sun. UV bottles help keep light out of your e-juices specifically to prevent oxidization (gaining too much oxygen) from taking effect too quickly.

Tip #6: Avoid Using an E-Liquid That is Simply Too Hot

In the event that your e-liquid does get extremely hot due to exposure to high outdoor temperatures, wait before vaping it. If it’s too hot, its consistency will become so thin that it will burn rather than vaporize. Simply wait until the bottle is cool to the touch to vape it.

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