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Wide vs. Skinny Drip Tips

Posted by David on

For so many vape enthusiasts, the drip tip is the last hardware component that's on their radar. However, with so many different types of drip tips available, one must assume that the type of drip tip that one chooses to use has a considerable effect on the overall vaping experience. 

Today, drip tips come in a wide range of sizes, shapes, materials and colors. However, as you explore the wide selection of drip tips that are available today, you'll often find that they are typically categorized as wide or narrow. That's because the diameter of the drip tip that you use has the most to do with how your vaping experience will be.

Ultimately, the type of drip tip that you choose is purely based on your own vaping preferences. Neither type of drip tip is objectively more beneficial to the vaping experience than the other. However, each type of drip tip does come with its own unique advantages and disadvantages. In this article, you'll discover everything that there is to know about the two different types of drip tips so that you can make a choice that's best suited for you.

Wide Drip Tips

Wide drip tips seem to be the most common nowadays. This mostly has to do with the fact that they are best suited for advanced mods that are designed to deliver high output levels.

These drip tips are often associated with the production of thicker, large vape clouds. Because of the way in which the vapor passes through the chamber of the drip tip, the vapor becomes more condensed. This results in the denser clouds that we associate with high wattage vaping.

Wide drip tips are ideal for vape enthusiasts who want to chase clouds and are less concerned with replicating the sensation of smoking a cigarette. Because of the nature of the way in which the vapor is passed through the chamber, the throat hit will not be as strong, and the flavor of your e-liquid will be slightly less intense.

Narrow Drip Tips

Narrow drip tips are excellent for low or medium output vaping. Because of the length and narrowness of the vapor chamber, the e-liquid heats up in a way that gives it the ability to provide that hit to the throat that former analog lovers crave.

Narrow drip tips are also known for their ability to enhance the flavor of your vape juice. By extending the time during which the e-liquid is heated, the flavor becomes more full and rich. One drawback is that narrow drip tips are not as capable of delivering thick vapor.

The One You Select Matters!

As you can see, the type of drip tip that you select matters tremendously. Regardless of your vaping style, it's crucial to understand the difference between drip tips so that you can purchase the right product for your vaping needs.

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