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Different Drip Tip Materials

Posted by David on

The drip tip is often the most overlooked component of a vaping setup. However, the material from which your drip tip is made can affect many factors of your vaping experience. Here are the different drip tip materials that are commonly used:


Teflon is a high-quality, heat-resistant plastic material that is also known as thermoplastic polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). Many people associate Teflon with non-stick cookware. It is an incredibly popular drip tip material because it can handle high temperatures, making it popular among those who use sub-ohm setups.

Drip tips that are made from Teflon will feel very soft against the lips. Using a Teflon drip tip will allow you to enjoy warm vapor. Plus, this material doesn't promote the buildup of gunk.


While marble sounds like a luxurious material to use for a vaping setup, it's highly practical as well. Marble is relatively durable and resistant to heat, meaning that sub-ohm enthusiasts can enjoy extremely high output levels without burning their lips.

However, it does crack if you're careless with your vaping device. Dropping your device can cause the marble to become damaged beyond repair.


If you're the type of vaper who wants to save money, a plastic drip tip is the way to go. They’re inexpensive and can be easily replaced. However, plastic is not as heat-resistant as the other materials that are commonly used. Therefore, you must be careful when vaping at high output levels.


Glass drip tips are typically favored by vapers who care about appearance as well as quality. That's because glass drip tips tend to come in unique shapes, colors and patterns. They are also resistant to heat. Additionally, some vapers believe that only glass drip tips can preserve the flavor of the e-liquid.

If you’re going to use a glass drip tip, you must keep in mind that they are extremely fragile. If you drop your unit fairly regularly, it's best to stay away from these ones.


Aluminum drip tips are affordable and durable, making them extremely popular. However, metal does conduct heat, meaning that you must be careful when using high wattage or temperature levels.

If you're going to use an aluminum drip tip, keep in mind that the metal may give your e-liquid a slightly metallic taste. Also, be aware of the fact that aluminum drip tips need to be cleaned more frequently because they tend to accumulate gunk.

Purchase a Drip Tip that Works for You

Now that you know how different drip tip materials affect your vape sessions, you can buy the perfect one for your vaping needs.

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