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Top 5 Drip Tips You Need to Buy in 2024

Posted by David on

Ah, drip tips. Often the most overlooked part of a vaping setup, these tiny attachments play a big role in how satisfied we feel with each puff we take. After all, if you’ve ever tried to vape without one, you know what we mean. Drip tips, for those who don’t know, are the removable mouthpieces that attach to sub-ohm vape tanks, at least traditionally speaking – since now, they make drip tips for pod systems, too, although those are far less common.

Best Drip Tips to Try in the New Year

With 2024 upon us, we want to revisit our collection of drip tips here at The Vape Mall, to offer the ultimate guide for which ones are worth grabbing in time for the new year. We’ve gone through our catalog and have picked out some fantastic choices that are reliable, effective, and visually appealing to boot.

#5: Acrylic Flat Mouth Drip Tip

Available in a stunning array of colors, this translucent acrylic drip tip has major visual appeal, and instantly jazzes up any vaping system. It features a duckbilled mouthpiece that feels ergonomic against the lips, offering surprising comfort whenever you go in for a pull. The acrylic is durable, so while it may look fragile, don’t worry – this baby can handle plenty of vaping without ever breaking or otherwise becoming damaged. Just make sure you keep it clean so that it always looks its best.

#4: Metal Snake Skin 810 Drip Tip

The visual value is real with this Metal Snake Skin 810 Drip Tip, also known as a “wide bore” drip tip because it’s wider and shorter, and perfect for direct-lung vaping. The snake skin motif is stylish without being too “on the nose,” with a unique metallic print that instantly elevates any vaping system. It’s made from metal, and features an octagonal shape, strictly for aesthetics of course, which we can’t get enough of.

#3: Silicone Bunny Drip Tip

For something that’s on the extreme end of the “whimsical” side of things, we have this Silicone Bunny Drip Tip, which is surprisingly functional despite its appearance. This tiny silicone bunny comes in loads of fun color schemes, and the dress is removable to reveal the mouthpiece. It attaches to any 510-threaded connection, and because it’s made of silicone, you don’t need to worry about it breaking should you drop it. This is certainly one way to spruce up your vaping setup, and you can understand why so many Vape Mall customers are positively obsessed.

#2: Thin Marble Acrylic Drip Tip

For mouth-to-lung (MTL) vapers, there’s this thin marble acrylic drip tip, and keep in mind that it is uniquely thin – more so than a 510 drip tip – which means that you should expect a very narrow channel of vapor coming through, as a good deal of vapers happen to prefer. The marble pattern is gorgeous, and comes in loads of color options, all while the acrylic material feels nice and cool against the lips. Something truly out of the ordinary in just about every way possible, it makes a serious statement.

#1: Aluminum Angled Drip Tip

Finally, we have the aluminum angled drip tip, which is the most innovative drip tip we’ve ever seen, hands down. This elongated, narrow aluminum is a whopping 55mm long, and the angle may seem unnecessary, but it serves a unique purpose of slowing down the stream of vapor, for major MTL enthusiasts who want gentle, gradual pulls of vapor rather than short, direct hits that you’d get from wide bore models. It comes in lots of color choices, and the metallic finish is absolutely beautiful to boot.

These Drip Tips Will Keep You Happy While You Vape Your Way Through the New Year

Here at The Vape Mall, we’re proud to carry a great choice of drip tips that can act as the perfect topper for your vaping device. From whimsical novelty designs to innovative, high-tech models, we’ve got them all, and we can’t wait for you to explore our full collection and find your new favorite drip tip for 2024.

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