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A New 2022 Drip Tip Battle: 510 Drip Tips vs. 810 Drip Tips

Posted by David on

Any non-pod vaping starter kit comes with a drip tip, and so it’s not surprising that we tend to take this relatively minor component of hardware for granted. The reality is that there are two types of drip tips on the market, and which one you choose can have a surprising influence on how you enjoy your clouds of vapor. There are 510 drip tips and 810 drip tips, and almost any experienced vaper will tell you that they have a clear preference for one over the other.

Does the Drip Tip Option Really Matter Even?

Yes, because the drip tip is more than the channel through which you inhale your vapor. Think of it more like a chimney, where the shape and size actually affects the vapor that condenses before it makes its way into your mouth. How long and wide the drip tip is matters, because it affects things like the strength of your flavor, its temperature and the airflow.

510 Drip Tips

510 drip tips have an 8.5mm diameter, and they’re both longer and narrower. They precede 810 drip tips, meaning that anyone who is still rocking a vaping setup that’s more than a few years old is almost definitely going to have a 510 drip tip. Because they’re so narrow by comparison, they tend to allow for stronger flavor, since they concentrate the vapor in the chimney so that the flavor becomes denser. People also notice that 510 drip tips allow for warmer vapor.


  • Great for flavor chasers
  • Great for lovers of warm vapor
  • Good for those who vape at lower wattages/temperatures


  • Smaller vape clouds
  • More likely to give you some harsh hits here and there

810 Drip Tips

Then, we have 810 drip tips, which essentially are wider and shorter. With a 12.5mm diameter, you can see the difference clearly at a quick glance. What this wider diameter does is allow heat to disperse more quickly, so that the vapor ends up feeling cooler as it makes its way into your mouth. But that’s not all. A wider drip tip is more conducive to cloud-chasing, because it allows more abundant and thicker vapor to enter through the mouthpiece. The result is bigger, fluffier clouds, with not as much of a flavor impact as the 510 model.


  • Bigger, fluffier clouds
  • Offers cooler vapor on the inhale
  • Easier to clean since it’s easier to access the inner channel due to its width


  • Not as ideal for flavor chasers

Which is the Right Choice for Your Vaping Needs?

Overall, if you’ve been vaping for a while, you probably have a good idea as to whether you’re more of a flavor chaser or a cloud chaser. And, now you know that the 510 drip tip is ideal for the former, and the 810 for the latter. So, consider your vaping priorities and choose the right drip tip accordingly. Luckily, both types of drip tips are widely available on today’s vaping hardware market, especially here at The Vape Mall!

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