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Send Out The Sub-Ohm Clouds Here in 2022!

Posted by David on

Have you ever watched with envy as a vaper exhaled a massive, perfectly fluffy cloud before your eyes? If you're wondering what the secret is to exhaling those dense clouds of glory, you've come to the right place. We're gonna get deep into the world of sub-ohm vaping, as it has evolved over the years, so that you can finally understand what is now required in order to be a master of the clouds.

Why Do So Many Vapers Sill Love Sub-Ohm Vaping?

Sub-ohm vaping refers to a specific type of hardware setup. The name comes from the type of coil that's used. Cloud-chasing vapers have found that the combination of a high-wattage device and a low-resistance coil produces the perfect amount of vapor, resulting in those thick clouds that have become synonymous with this hobby.

However, it's important to know that sub-ohm vaping isn't just about blowing enormous clouds. This type of setup is a technology nerd's dream-come-true. It allows the user to play around with an advanced but user-friendly mod that opens the door to a truly customized vaping experience.

Additionally, a lot of vapers prefer sub-ohm vaping because of the smoothness of each hit. While some vapers prefer a strong throat hit, sub-ohm lovers savor the silky sensation of thick vapor running along their throat. Many feel that the flavor becomes more complex with this style of vaping as well.

How to Rock a True Sub-Ohm Vape Setup

If you want to invest in a sub-ohm vaping setup, you're in luck. Below will breaks down every component that is necessary in order to enjoy this style of vaping. And, while you might have to make a small investment initially, the satisfaction that you'll derive from this style of vaping will be well worth it.

#1: Cylindrical / AIO and Box Mods

There are benefits to both but usually one or the other fits best for an individual’s direct needs. Whichever one is selected, the ability to vape at a high wattage is crucial if you wanna blow thick n’ large clouds. So, opt for a device that can reach at least 180 watts. This will ensure that the device is compatible with a sub-ohm coil. Also, feel free to explore mods that have a variety of output modes if you need to customize your experience even further.

#2: Tank

A sub-ohm tank is a necessary part of chasing clouds. As the name implies, a sub-ohm tank is compatible with a sub-ohm coil. It has a relatively large vape juice capacity because this style of vaping requires a lot of e-liquid per hit. The coil sits in the center of the well so that its wick stays saturated with e-liquid. Look for a sub-ohm tank that's made with Pyrex glass. Due to the high output of the device that you'll be using, you'll having a tank material that won't crack when exposed to lots of heat is critical.

#3: Coil(s)

Of course, sub-ohm vaping is all about the sub-ohm coil. It's very important that you purchase a coil that has a resistance level below one ohm. Otherwise, your vaping experience will be lacking. Besides, using the wrong type of coil can be dangerous. Always try to buy a coil that was specially designed for the tank that you're using. Because sub-ohm vaping can cause coils to burn out fairly quickly, consider purchasing them in bulk.

#4: Battery

Device size and battery life has to be considered when selecting which battery option works finest for you. Usually, but not always, external battery cells will leave your device being a bit bigger or bulkier. Why? In order to support the size of the battery to put it simply. Still, most external battery cells have longer battery life than the internal cells do. Especially, when considering those that take multiple battery cells. So, if you're going to rock a sub-ohm vaping setup, you're going to need high-capacity batteries that can handle all of that power. Go for batteries that are above 2000mAh, as this guarantee extended vaping sessions before having to recharge them.

#5: Vape Juice

One of the most overlooked aspects of sub-ohm vaping is the type of vape juice that's used. Truth is that your choice of e-liquid can make or break your sub-ohm experience. Most sub-ohm enthusiasts agree that the more vegetable glycerin, the better. If your e-juice has a base of at least 70% vegetable glycerin (VG), you'll be fine. How? Because VG is a highly viscous material that produces thicker and fluffier clouds of vapor.

Entering Vape Cloud Competitions

Once you become experienced with using a sub-ohm setup, you'll be well on your way to blowing impressive clouds. Once you get the hang of chasing clouds, you can try out some tricks. Check out online videos for instructions on how to perform vape tricks.

If you become really good at creating some masterful and captivating clouds, you might want to look into the vape cloud competitions that are held worldwide. These competitions allow you to show off your vapor skills in front of a large audience.

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