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Skinny Drip Tips vs. Wide Drip Tips

Posted by David on

The Vape Mall Drip Tips

Drip tips are fundamentally the mouthpieces at the end of an e-cig or any other conventional vaping device. All drip tips have one function. They supply you with the vapor emerging from the atomizer. This can be a dripper, cartomizer, or a standard tank. Many vapers think that changing your drip tip depends on your personal preference or your device. However, skinny and narrow tips create a stronger flavor. On the other hand, wider bore drip tips’ primary function is to increase air circulation to produce more vapors. These are the basic facts about the drip tips. Don’t be surprised at that. 

One other factor that most of us fail to consider is how they feel on your lips. Your vaping experience can become more satisfying if you use a nice feeling drip tip. Most people prefer the cold industrial feeling drip tip and the acrylic. While you’re vaping, you can nibble these drip tips. If you want to dissipate heat, the wide drip tips are most useful.

Drip tips affect the quality of your vapes. The shorter and wider drip tip will get your clouds going stronger if you have a high-performance setup. They also affect the draw. If your atomizer is tightly drawn, please try a shorter/wider drip tip for a better feeling. Because wider drip tips have an airy draw, most people choose the narrow drip tip.

If you’ve a tight vacuum seal in your atomizer and you use a skinny drip tip, you can experience the straw effect when drawing the e-liquid. In this case, you’ll certainly mess up things using the narrow drip tip.

The taste of your liquid is largely affected by the drip tip. A thin and narrow drip tip acts as an extended chamber to warm up the liquid. For this reason, the taste will be enhanced. Moreover, you can get a cigarette-smoke feeling if you miss that feeling when you use the narrow drip tips. Vapers use most modern e-cigarettes, MODs, and portable vaporizers for driping.

Dripping is a technique that’s sure to give you a memorable one-of-a-kind experience. It takes a bit of practice to get used to vaping smoothly using the drip tips. However, many vapers who have tried it never look back.

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