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Sample Packs (Best Value) From The Vape Mall

Posted by David on

Do you spend loads of money each month on vape juices? If the answer is yes, it's time to explore the sample packs from The Vape Mall and receive your favorite e-juices for a fraction of the price. These sample packs allow you to mix and match the flavors that you crave without breaking the bank.

Each sample pack from The Vape Mall offers every vape juice that we carry. Every e-juice is filled to order, ensuring a fresh and flavorful taste that has the perfect consistency.
70 ML & 125 ML Five Bottle Sample Packs

The 70 ML & 125 ML Five Bottle Sample Packs allow you to grab five of your favorite vape juices from The Vape Mall at once without spending retail price per bottle. Instead, you can simply select your five flavors and choose whether you want them to arrive in 70 ml or 125 ml bottles. When you purchase the vape juices in 70 ml bottles, each bottle comes out to less than ten dollars. The 125 ml option allows you to spend less than sixteen dollars per bottle.
The 32 ML Five Bottle Sample Pack

The 32 ML Five Bottle Sample Pack is a must-have for anyone who enjoys having an e-liquid empire in their own home. When you purchase this sample pack, you'll receive five 32 ml bottles of your favorite vape juices. Each bottle costs only $5.99, making this deal practically a steal. All that you must do is select your five e-liquid flavors, your preferred nicotine strength and desired ratio. Then, you can enjoy those wonderful savings while you explore the delicious flavors that The Vape Mall has to offer.
The 17 ML Five Bottle Sample Pack

If you're the type of vape enthusiast who likes to explore different flavors at once instead of committing to one full-priced bottle, the 17 ML Five Bottle Sample Pack gives you the most bang for your buck. For only $19.99, you can receive five bottles of vape juice that each arrive in a 17 ml bottle. That means that each 17 ml bottle of e-liquid comes out to only $5.99.
The 5 ML Five Bottle Sample Pack

The 5 ML Five Bottle Sample Pack is the best choice for those who like to taste a variety of new flavors before ordering one large bottle. This exciting deal allows you to taste five different e-liquid flavors that each come in a 5 ml bottle. Each bottle of juice comes out to only $1.99. If you're curious about the variety of flavors that are available at The Vape Mall, this sample pack is a great way to explore.
260 ML & 500 ML Five Bottle Sample Packs

When you select the 260 ML & 500 ML Bottle Sample Pack, you can receive a large quantity of juice without spending loads of money. Upon purchasing this sample pack, you can easily select the five e-juices that you want along with your preferred ratio and nicotine strength. Then, you may choose whether you want your five bottles of juice to come in 260 ml or 500 ml bottles. The pack of 260 ml bottles is only $159.99. The pack of 500 ml bottles comes in at just $214.99.

Grab a Sample Pack Today

When you buy a sample pack from The Vape Mall, you can taste the variety of flavors that the brand has to offer without losing half of your paycheck. Whether you're a beginner who wants to try something new or you're an experienced vape enthusiast who wants to stock up, these deals are too good to pass up.

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