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Posted by David on

Troll RDA

Do you want to take your vape game a notch higher and are in a dilemma which is the best rebuildable atomizer to use? The Troll RDA is just the right atty for you. When it comes to performance, this atomizer is illimitable. Trolling is just what you need to get those giant clouds as well as intensify your vapor.

Easy Rebuilding
Most atomizers give you a really hard time rebuilding, but not this beast. The T-post design at the center of the deck ensures that you’ve an easy time building your coils. Further, the deck is removable. To be truthful, coil building doesn’t get easier than with this machine.

This is one atomizer that you won’t embarrass you if drawn in front of your vaping buddies. The atomizer comes in a sleek stainless steel design, which is very proportionate- the long tank topped with a shorter drip tip is just on point.

Vapor and Flavor Output
This is probably what you were looking forward to hearing and I guarantee you that The Troll delivers nothing short of excellence. You know that trolling is good for you when you can easily build coils of any thickness. The 22mm diameter gives you enough space to work with. It gives you control over your vapor production. The Troll RDA has three ginormous air holes. This ensures that the MOD that you bought from The Vape Mall doesn’t overheat and give you a dry hit. You also enjoy regulating these air holes with a top-cap that can be aligned to the vents.

If you’ve been considering trolling, then go for it. It’s totally worth your money and time.

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