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Increase the Capacity of Your Aspire Nautilus X with the New 4ml Adapter Kit

Posted by David on

The Vape Mall Nautilus X Adapter

You heard that title right. You can increase the capacity of your Aspire Nautilus X with the new Nautilus 4ml Adapter Kit. While many vapers have taken delight in the shorter, Aspire Nautilus X with 2ML Pyrex tube, there are many out there searching for tank capacity. This is the simplest solution.

As always with the Aspire atomizers that’re manufactured, quality takes top priority. The Aspire Nautilus X is made of Stainless Steel, Pyrex glass tube and a Delrin mouth piece.

This 4ml Adapter kit includes:

  • Coil Adapter - Effectively lengthens the chimney into the top hardware.
  • Taller Pyrex Glass - Compatible with the Cleito.

The Nautilus X Coil is more compacted, allowing you to fit the 4ml of e-juice you bought from TheVape Mall inside your Nautilus X tank with this kit.

As we previously mentioned, with the 4ml Adapter Kit for the Aspire Nautilus X, you’re doubling the Nautilus X liquid capacity. Because it comes with an extension and extended glass tank section, it allows you to avoid constantly having to fill your Aspire Nautilus X Tank. The 4ml Adapter kit extends the length of the tank, without building on any additional bloat to its width.

The Aspire Nautilus X has seen awesome success on the market, and this Adapter kit can be an outstanding compliment to the Nautilus X. It’ll bring you a better vaping experience with increased flavor production, especially for those who enjoy DIY vaping. So what’re you waiting for? Take your Nautilus X to new bounds and heights with this 4ML Adapter kit.

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