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Go Vaping Bananas with these Unique Flavors from The Vape Mall

Posted by David on

Who can resist the taste of creamy, sugary bananas? Thanks to the Vape Mall, you can satisfy your banana-related needs simply by hitting your mod. We’ve got a plethora of banana-inspired e-liquids that each provide you with that tropical fruity taste that’s as luxurious as it gets.

Banana Sweetness

When you grab this e-liquid, you’ll quickly realize that bananas and marshmallows are a match made in flavor heaven. The creaminess of the fruit seduces your palate while the sugary marshmallows make every taste bud feel euphoric beyond words. At first, the tropical taste of fresh banana slices intrigues your tongue. Quickly, the sweetness level intensifies. Then, creamy marshmallows glide across the palate while their sugary taste makes your sweet tooth jump up and down with joy.

Banana Split

If you want to indulge while you vape, grab a bottle today. This ode to an iconic dessert is guaranteed to rock your sweet tooth’s world while making every taste bud quiver with excitement. With summer right around the corner, it’s time to treat yourself to the luxurious taste of a banana-infused ice cream sundae. The inhale gives you that glorious banana taste that hits the spot right away. Then, chocolate, vanilla and strawberry ice creams roll across the tongue. The exhale douses your palate in a generous helping of delectable hot fudge.

Banana Nut Bread

If baked goods are more your style, this e-juice is for you. A freshly baked banana loaf is stuffed with buttery, savory nuts and blended with the perfect amount of warm brown sugar. Each puff tastes like grandma’s recipe, comforting you with its homemade flavor. When you take in some vapor, you’ll be seduced by the sweet and savory flavor profile right away. The sweetness of the banana flavor intoxicates you while the nuts balance things out beautifully. With every exhale, you’ll feel like you ate a mouthful of the real thing.

Bananas Foster

Want something decadent? Look no further. One of the most indulgent e-liquids that we have to offer, creamy bananas take center stage while rich vanilla bean ice cream and a sticky rum sauce play the supporting roles. You’ll never want to stop vaping this e-liquid as it takes care of your most relentless dessert cravings on impact. On the inhale, you’ll enjoy the fresh taste of perfectly ripe, sugary sweet bananas. Then, a generous scoop of vanilla bean ice cream soaks into the tongue, warming up the flavor profile. On the exhale, a caramelized rum sauce adds darkness and complexity.

Banana Cream Pie

Few desserts make us smile like banana cream pie. This e-liquid is a perfect homage to that comforting treat, consisting of creamy banana custard, freshly whipped cream and, of course, that buttery pie crust that’s as flaky as they come. When you inhale, the banana custard drips along the tongue, satisfying you with its glorious sweetness. Then, you’ll savor the pillows of perfectly fluffy whipped cream. With each exhale, that pie crust balances out the sweetness beautifully.

Monkey Fart

Looking for a comforting snack? This e-juice has the kind of taste that reminds you of something your mom would have prepared for you as a kid. Creamy peanut butter, sweet banana slices and juicy strawberries are sandwiched between two pieces of fluffy white bread. Talk about a treat. The inhale gives you a blast of fruity flavor that’s quickly tempered by the savory, creamy peanut butter taste. With each exhale, the bread seals the deal.

Strawberries & Bananas w/Cream

The perfect summertime vape thanks to its variety of seasonal flavors. Bananas, strawberries and fresh cream take their turns hitting the spot and making you feel refreshed. When you inhale, you’ll adore the tangy taste of the ripe, freshly picked strawberries. Then, creamy bananas enter the picture, balancing out that tang with succulent sweetness. With every exhale, your tongue will get slathered in luxurious sweet cream that makes you feel like you’re treating yourself to something sinful.

Get Your Banana Fix at The Vape Mall Today!

At The Vape Mall, you can give into your most urgent banana cravings with a variety of stunning e-liquids inspired by this widely beloved fruit. If you’re a true banana fanatic, grab all seven!

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