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Banana Split Ejuice From The Vape Mall

Posted by David on

If your idea of the ideal dessert is a banana split that's layered with delicious flavors, Banana Split vape juice is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. This yummy flavor from The Vape Mall’s Chocolates & Vanillas collection is a flawless reproduction of that flavor that brings back fond memories from childhood. With every hit, all those flavor components take turns satisfying your palate. You'll taste the creamy, ripe bananas, the smooth and rich vanilla ice cream, the sweet chocolate syrup and the fluffy whipped cream.

When you inhale Banana Split vape juice, the smooth and creamy taste of a perfectly ripe banana satisfies your cravings instantly. The banana flavor's natural sugars slowly come out as the generous drizzle of rich and sweet chocolate syrup lands on the taste buds. Then, a thick stream of delectable vanilla ice cream floods the mouth, balancing out the rich chocolate flavor perfectly. On the exhale, puffs of whipped cream melt on the tongue.

Made with USA high-quality ingredients and of food grade quality, you can expect a delicious vaping experience.

You can purchase Banana Split vape juice in several sizes, nicotine strengths, and even mixes, plus it’s filled to order. Upon placing your order, you can enhance your flavor with menthol, sour, sweetener, or extra flavor.

Now you can have a banana split anytime or for any occasion, without the calories, all in vape form. 

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