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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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French Vanilla eLiquid From The Vape Mall

Posted by David on

The Vape Mall’s French Vanilla vape juice is a vanilla flavor that's richer than anything that you've ever tasted before. Thanks to the addition of egg yolks fresh from the farm, the vanilla flavor is outrageously smooth and full of flavor. This decadent taste will satisfy your palate's most sinful fantasies repeatedly. The hint of sweetness balances out the richness of the eggs perfectly.

When you inhale French Vanilla e-juice, the smooth vanilla bean taste washes over your palate. The vanilla flavor is fresh and invigorating. Then, the hint of sweetness emerges on the tip of the tongue. As the sweetness intensifies, that eggy custard base saturates your palate. When you exhale, the exceptional creaminess of the vanilla flavor makes you feel like you've died and gone to custard heaven.

This exceptional vape was created with only USA high-quality ingredients and of food grade quality.

You can purchase French Vanilla vape juice in several sizes, nicotine strengths, and even mixes, plus it’s filled to order. Upon placing your order, you can enhance your flavor with menthol, sour, sweetener, or extra flavor.

Once you vape French Vanilla e-liquid from the Chocolates & Vanillas collection, it’ll quickly become your new obsession.

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