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A Modder's Preference - More Power vs. Airflow

Posted by David on

As a vaper, having a hard and strenuous day, you need something to soothe your system. That comes true only if you consider an excellent vaping product. The e-liquid products in the market have been made in a way that enables it to offer you that heightened life experience. Filled with the correct components, the e-liquids can provide a life-changing experience. Sitting on that couch away from much disturbance you need to get hold of that substance that will offer you a much-relaxed mood. It enables you to have a relaxed atmosphere and getting every go your way is possible. Even if you are faced with a lot of tasks ahead of you, e-liquid products can give you all you deserve to gain that extra energy. There are several intake methods of the e-liquids. It entirely depends on which way you prefer most to other.

If you are new to vaping, probably you must have come across the words “power” and “airflow.” You must be worried about their meaning and worst still how do they relate to vaping fundamentals. To come to terms with the words, this review will take you down on their sense and which one to look for in a device.

Power is a common term we encounter daily. In vaping this word does not mean otherwise different from our understanding. Power means pressing the switch to make the batteries heat up the coils in the coil head. Depending on the intensity of the electricity passed on to the head, the vape juice will evaporate producing vapor. The resistance value of the electrical cable and the wattage range available in vapes, one can gauge the power possibilities to the vape. Depending on the resistance and the number of watts passed along, the vape will react accordingly producing the proportionate amount of vape. As you move from e-cigarettes to vape pens and ultimately to portable vaporizers and/or MODs and RDAs/RBAs, the power will significantly rise exponentially. Entirely depending on the size of the device used, the e-liquid will require more heat to vaporize. Bigger devices need more e-liquids and a correspondingly high amount of heat. The vaping device manufacturing industries are more efforts to ensure that the amount of heat required is considerably low while the amount of vapor produced is amazingly meeting the demands of the consumer.

The “airflow” on the other hand refers to how much air passes the coils before being inhaled by the user. The traditional cigarettes have a limited flow of air thus making the vapor flow at a slow rate. With the availability of the modern technology, the e-cigarettes companies have come up with a hybrid system that allows faster flow of air and significant flow of vapor. MODs have huge air holes and can create massive clouds with ease. The throat is affected by the airflow and the more the airflow that hits the throat, the user strain less making the vamping process more appealing and relaxing. The amount of airflow dramatically changes your overall vaping experience. Most devices have the adjustment ring on the tank that enables you to control the amount of airflow.

When the airflow is high, the vape tends to be cool. The maximum ability of the airflow adjustment ring allows for a smoother cooler cloud with the minimum flavor. When the device is turned on, the juice immediately vaporizes on the coil. A contact of the vapor and the air cools down the cloud temperature before inhaling. Higher airflows decrease the amount of liquid required since most of the juice remains on the coil head. Contrary to the high airflow, the lower airflow will result in the more flavor from your vape. When the less air passes through the coil, the vapor comes out quickly and warmer. It tends to be thick than using the more substantial airflow. The speed of the airflow affects the cooling efficiency and entirely the flavor of the favor.

The fantastic thing about vaping is that it’s an entirely customizable experience. The beauty of various vaping setups in the ability to change to what you discern. What is best for one comes down to what you want. If you want something of unlimited power, then go for a device that is ready to get your vaping session going instantly. A high-power possibility device on your vape is what you should consider. And if you want to have tons of vapor per pull, then you should find a method that gives you the best airflow. Many of the devices that come to the market today try to strike a balance between airflow and high power. No matter what you choose for vaping device, your vaping experience should remain the primary aspect that should be taken into effect.

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