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4 Key Tips to Extend Your Vape’s Battery Life

Posted by David on

E-cigarette battery

Batteries for all types of vaping devices (excluding disposable e-cigs) are built to be charged and used repeatedly to provide convenience to vapers everywhere. Proper care extends their life, even with constant use. There are a few things that you can do to prolong the life of your vaping battery and reduce costs associated with having to purchase another one.

Use these 4 quick tips to extend the life of your vape battery:

Quick Way to Extend Your Battery Tip #1: Where You Store or Place Your Battery
Use caution when storing your battery or leaving it unused for long periods of time. Direct sunlight and heat are not good for it, and can dramatically reduce the lifespan. Use caution when setting your battery and/or vaping device on surfaces to ensure that it does not roll off. Sudden impacts and drops affect how long your battery will last.

Quick Way to Extend Your Battery Tip #2: Charge Your Battery in a Timely Manner
Charge your battery before it is completely drained. Waiting until it is completely drained not only reduces the quality of the vapor you inhale, it also reduces the lifespan of your battery. A battery with a small amount of charge left will charge easier than one that has no charge left, therefore, speeding up charging times and extending the life of your battery.

Quick Way to Extend Your Battery Tip #3: Unplug Your Battery in a Timely Manner
Unplug the battery as soon as it becomes fully charged. Overcharging the battery will begin to cause it to wear down over time. When leaving it plugged in after it’s fully-charged, the device is still working though not charging.

Quick Way to Extend Your Battery Tip #4: Keeping the Battery Clean
One last thing to do to extend the life of your battery is to clean all parts that can be cleaned. The threads on the battery and the threads on the charger should be cleaned before and after each charge. The cartridge and the battery threads should be cleaned each time they’re put together or taken apart. A quick wipe with a Q-tip will ensure a clean connection and extend battery life.

Batteries for vaping devices, such as for e-cigarettes and MODs, aren’t necessarily cheap. A little care and maintenance goes a long way. Practice these tips to ensure you’re not constantly replacing your batteries.

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