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3 Reasons to Consider Investing in an Extra Tank or Two

Posted by David on

Vape Tanks

For those new to the world of vaping, it’s a good idea to have more than one vape tank. Most of the experienced vapers can go through a reservoir to satisfy their daily vaping needs. For this reason, they might consider keeping another tank filled in a rotation, as having more than one tank is always helpful. Per research, some vapers consider owning more than three vaping tanks; a fashionable way of leading the vaping life. Therefore, let’s dive a bit further into why you might consider using more than one tank.

You can use all your e-juice if you have only one tank and have a different flavor filled back again to the same flavor. This kind of flavor mixing often results in nasty flavors. Therefore, you might want to consider using one tank for a different type of flavor. If you want to change flavors, you can have the tanks cleaned. However, you can also have the different tanks hold different flavors. Moreover, if you want to change the flavor in your vaping device, you must also consider cleaning and re-wicking the RDA. Even when you don’t change your flavors, cleaning your tank on a weekly basis is hygienic. In addition, if you’re a fan of various e-juice flavors, it is wise to consider investing in as many tanks as the number of flavors you wish to carry around. Since most of the pros never leave a juice more than a week in the reservoir, investing in tanks would save the hustle of carrying bottles.

Another advantage to carrying spare vape tanks can come down to your vaping preferences. For instance, if you’re in a sub-ohming mood, you might want to carry a sub-ohm tank with you (assuming your MOD allows for sub-ohming to begin with). If you feel like switching it up to just standard vaping, then of course a standard tank could do the trick. Now, when using these different types of tanks that you want to keep on hand, you must make sure the e-liquid that you are vaping with won’t damage the tank. Certain e-liquids could damage your tank, so make sure you cross-reference the juice’s PG/VG ratios with the tanks that you are using as well as the style of vaping you will be doing (an attributing factor to that comes down to wattage settings of the device).

Finally, one of the other best advantages of owning more than one tank comes down to its compacity. You might prefer a larger capacity tank to sit on your vaping device, especially if you’re a heavy vaping user or an extreme cloud chaser. Hence, having two large tanks filled with e-juice should hopefully be able to hold you over. On the flip side of that, if you carry more flavors with you, then you might also prefer the smaller tanks to make the experience mobile wherever you go. Also, some vapers consider the smaller tanks to have a more pleasing appearance. Nonetheless, either option works when you feel like changing to a new flavor or style.

As you can see from the reasons discussed, if you’ve more than one e-juice flavor from The Vape Mall, you might want to consider investing in an extra tank to cater to your vaping needs. One final note, when carrying a spare tank, and it is a different type of tank, make sure it’s compatible with your vaping device. 

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