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Vapers, Don't Cry Over Spilled E-Juice!

Posted by David on

The Vape Mall Vape Juice

As an avid vaper, it’s inevitable that you will spill a little bit of e-juice during a refill, or even possibly knock over the whole bottle. While the worst thing about this is the loss of your hard earned money, there are a few consequences to getting it on your skin or clothing.

In the event that some gets on your skin from a small tank leak, it is not a big deal. If the amount is greater, it needs to be washed immediately. Nothing seriously harmful will happen, but it could lead to an overload of nicotine absorbed through your skin. The area of skin that made contact might feel tingly. It might also cause headaches or nausea. If you feel any ill effects, you should take a break from vaping for a while and lay down.

The amount of nicotine in e-liquids can vary depending on the concentration and size of the bottle. There are about twenty drops in each milligram, and each milligram has 36 milligrams of nicotine. For perspective, an average cigarette has 10 to 15 milligrams of nicotine. It goes without saying, you also don’t want to get this around your nose or in your eyes, due to the irritation it would cause. If one’s careful and prompt to wash their hands after an accident, any incidents of discomfort should never be a problem. First rinse away all of the e-juice then soap up and wash your hands vigorously with a strong flow of warm water. Getting e-juice on things such as clothing is another issue that can unexpectedly occur while refilling e-juice. This problem can be more difficult to deal with, as stain removal and prevention often is.
E-Juicecomes in many flavors and colors from The Vape Mall, so if a vaper were to spill it on their clothes, that red strawberry flavor would be slightly more difficult to treat then say white vanilla. Either way, the methods for cleaning are the same. E-juice is oily and therefore should be pretreated with liquid dish washing soap and a little detergent rubbed directly onto the stain. Let that set for five minutes and then rinse with warm water. After that you can throw it in the washing machine on warm setting. Depending on the severity, you may repeat the process a few more times.

If you don't have immediate access to a washing machine, then soak a clean rag in warm water and apply to the spill to try and absorb the vape juice. You can also try water mixed with vinegar or use club soda. Using the pretreat methods with dish washing soap and detergent will also help. During this process be mindful of your skin and wear gloves and goggles.

Overall, hopefully, this won’t happen to you and your vape juice will stay safely in your device’s tank. But in the event that it does, remember, the quicker you respond the better. If you wash your hands directly after, you’ll likely avoid any nicotine absorption, while getting to a spill right away a stain is less likely to set.

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