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Top 5 Custards & Creams from The Vape Mall

Posted by David on

If you can't get enough of creamy and custard-based vape juices, you've got to check out the wide range of e-juice flavors from The Vape Mall. They've nailed those silky and rich flavors that elevate everything from warm vanilla to luscious berries. While The Vape Mall boasts an abundance of delightfully creamy e-juices, we feel that these five are the very best that are available.

Custards & Creams Vape Flavor #5: BLUEBERRY CHEESECAKE

Blueberry Cheesecake vape juice is a mouth-watering take on a classic dessert. The Vape Mall has nailed each flavor component. The blend of tangy, rich cheesecake, juicy blueberries and sweet, buttery graham crackers makes this flavor a must-have for any dessert fanatic. On the inhale, Blueberry Cheesecake e-liquid entices the taste buds with fresh blueberry flavor. Quickly, the creamy and rich cheesecake flavor floods the mouth with its hint of tangy cream cheese. On the exhale, your mouth will water as that glorious graham cracker crust provides balance to the overall flavor profile.

Custards & Creams Vape Flavor #4: CREME BRULEE

If you're a fan of French specialties, Creme Brulee vape juice is a must-have. The rich, velvety custard has just the right level of sweetness and notes of luxurious vanilla. The caramelized sugar topping makes this flavor deeply intoxicating. With each inhale, Creme Brulee e-liquid surprises the palate with exceptionally rich vanilla-infused custard. That stunning vanilla taste is fresh and satisfying. The caramelized sugar flavor slowly creeps up on the sweet tooth before a bath of creaminess takes over the entire tongue.

Custards & Creams Vape Flavor #3: STRAWBERRIES & CREAM

Strawberries & Cream vape juice is a flawless take on a classic blend of flavors. There's something about the combination of juicy strawberries and rich cream that reminds us of the innocent, wonderful days of childhood. This e-juice nails both flavor components perfectly, resulting in a balanced taste that will hit the spot again and again. As you inhale Strawberries & Cream e-liquid, the succulent strawberry juice crawls across the taste buds, exhilarating you with notes of tang and brightness. The sugary sweetness of the strawberry flavor builds and builds before a generous splash of smooth, rich cream lands on the palate.

Custards & Creams Vape Flavor #2: PEACH YOGURT

Peach Yogurt vape juice combines rich, tangy yogurt with succulent peach slices. The combination of sweet, tangy and creamy flavor notes will leave every taste bud feeling deeply satisfied. This vape juice is as refreshing to your palate as it is pleasing to your sweet tooth. On the inhale, Peach Yogurt e-liquid excites the palate with the sweet taste of fresh peaches. The juiciness of the peach flavor absorbs into the tongue before that tangy and rich yogurt washes across the mouth. On the exhale, the sugary peach taste lingers as the creaminess of the yogurt continues to tantalize you.

Custards & Creams Vape Flavor #1: VANILLA CUSTARD

Vanilla Custard vape juice is the most seductively rich and creamy custard flavor on the planet. With each hit, the smooth cream, fresh vanilla beans and rich egg yolks introduce themselves to your tongue, making the mouth water uncontrollably. As you inhale Vanilla Custard e-liquid, the smooth vanilla taste rolls across the palate. Then, those rich egg yolks add intoxicating silkiness to the flavor. On the exhale, thick cream drenches your taste buds.

Grab These Custards & Creams Today!

If you're a custard fanatic or a cream lover, these five vape juices will take care of your cravings just like your favorite desserts.

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