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The Next Vaping Trend: Pod-Based Temperature Control

Posted by David on

As vaping technology continues to advance, we’re starting to see pod mods that boast some pretty amazing features. Up until recently, pod systems were relatively limited in terms of how much the user could customize their experience. Now, however, established hardware manufactures are releasing pod mods that let the user select from a wide range of options, allowing them to discover their sweet spot while enjoying the many benefits of portable pod technology.

Easily, one of the most exciting features to grace the pod mod world is temperature control. If you’re used to a sub-ohm vaping system, you’re probably already familiar with the many ways in which temperature control enhances the overall vaping experience. Now, with TC pod mods, vapers can enjoy the best of both worlds, benefiting from the convenience of a pocket-friendly vaping system while exploring a wide range of output levels.

What is Temperature Control Vaping?

Temperature control vaping refers to the way in which the e-liquid is heated when the device is fired. While most mods allow you to choose the wattage level, TC mods allow you to choose from a wide range of temperatures. The temperature selected dictates how hot the coil can get.

How Does Temperature Control Vaping Enhance the Pod Mod Experience?

Because most pod mods don’t allow you to explore different coil configurations, temperature control is a godsend. It allows you to compensate for any ways in which your coil might be stopping you from enjoying the most satisfying vape possible.

No More Dry Hits

One of the biggest advantages to temperature control vaping is that it prevents dry hits from occurring. Dry hits result from the coil becoming too hot, causing the e-liquid to burn and the wick to dry out. By selecting the maximum temperature that a coil can reach, you can prevent this awful experience from happening.

Better Flavor

Temperature control is unique because it allows the user to have a different vaping experience depending on which temperature they choose. For instance, certain temperatures bring out a richer, more complex flavor. If you’re a flavor chaser, temperature control is probably for you.

Stronger Nicotine Hit

If you’re using a pod mod system, it’s probably because you like the way in which it utilizes nicotine salts for a more potent nicotine experience. With temperature control vaping, you can maximize the effects of nicotine by choosing the perfect temperature for the e-liquid that you’re vaping. Certain temperatures heat the e-liquid in a way that delivers a stronger throat hit and a more powerful blast of nicotine salts.

More Control

Temperature control, as the name implies, promotes a controlled vaping experience. When you vape according to wattage, you’re really at the mercy of how the coil chooses to respond to the power of your battery. Temperature control allows you to ensure that each hit will be exactly the way you want it to be.

More Consistency

With temperature control vaping, you don’t have to worry about those random weak hits or those pulls that just taste off. By setting the maximum temperature of your coil, each hit will be exactly the same as the last.

Taking Satisfy Vape Sessions to the Next Level

It is hard to not be excited about the new temperature control pod systems that are coming out. These advanced systems allow us to guarantee a consistently satisfying vape while we enjoy our nic salt e-juices.

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