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The Newly-Released iStick TC200W MOD by Eleaf

Posted by David on

iStick 200 Watt

In a drive to really give you the power to do anything with a single MOD, the new iStick TC200W MOD from Eleaf really moves the company beyond the small form sized batteries common in their 30 and 50 watt iStick designs. The feature packed new offering really gives a device that can fit any niche, from novice vaper to experienced cloud chaser.

High on the list is the use of 3 standard replaceable 18650 high discharge cells. The cells are contained with an easy open magnetic flip battery cover. While buying the cells (required to be rated above a 25a for continuous discharge) can be an extra expense, the capacity for swapping out cells instead of charging the entire battery really brings flexibility for an all-day vape that the previous iStick devices, with their integral battery, couldn't provide.

The big advance here, however, is the multi-material temperature settings the device allow. Previous generations of the temperature control sensors we're reliant on Ni200 wire in order to property sense device temperature for the perfect vape. This device, however, operates with the flexibility to also use titanium and stainless steel.

Perhaps revolutionary in the open spirit and long lasting nature of this mod, it actually comes with usb upgradable firmware. In the ever changing environment that modern vaporizers have inhabited over the last few years, a device with upgradable firmware really keeps an eye on the horizon with this device, showing that Eleaf is keeping an eye on the future.

Safety, of course, is another major concern when it comes to brand new devices. While Eleaf isn't supplying the batteries for the iStick TC200W, their hardware has safety as one of their top priorities. This device comes dual circuit protection, as well as reverse polarity protection. In addition, the firmware contains low voltage protection and temperature protection. Just ensure the batteries purchased are correctly rated and well sourced, and any devices used are correctly assembled and safety should be a minor concern for any user.

Beyond its temperature control mode, however, the device operates very well in the standard variable voltage fashion. With an output wattage of 200, this device can easily move between the extreme sub ohm territory of 0.1 ohms to the much more comfortable 3.5-ohm range. For temperature control, this device can handle coils rated from 0.5 ohm to 1.5 ohm.

Altogether, this MOD ends up becoming a do it all brand leader. It really pushes the envelope on just what a vape MOD should be able to do, and the price point it should be able to do it at. Eleaf has continued with its push for quality here, and this device will end up being a must have for any experienced vaper as well as a fine tool for someone just starting off. Get yours today at The Vape Mall.

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