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The New Kanger Protank 4

Posted by David on

Kanger Protank 4

Few companies understand the vaping culture as completely as KangerTech. After 9 years in the business, KangerTech has developed a new product, the Protank 4. Consisting of a vial for the e-liquid, a mouthpiece, coil and wick, some tanks are difficult to fill and can leak. Fortunately, the Protank 4's improvements make it easier to refill and more adjustable than other models.

You can use existing KangerTech coils or Kanger Ceramic Atomizer Head coils in the Protank 4. Builders will appreciate the separate velocity-style RBA deck and Dual-Clapton-Coil that arrives ready for organic cotton wicks. The Protank 4 holds 5 ml of e-liquid, and its Delrin and stainless steel tip performs several functions. Its mouthpiece is made of dense plastic that resists heat, protecting the vaper’s lips. Just below the stainless steel section lies the top valve that controls temperature. Users can now get warmer or cooler vapor by adjusting the valve at the mouthpiece. A second valve, at the tank's base, prevents gurgling and controls vapor density so that vapers can enjoy vapor that’s light and airy, or thick and billowy.

Plastic is unbreakable but can alter a liquid’s flavor. With this in mind, the Protank 4 is made with a glass vial wrapped in stainless steel. The glass vial protects thsi while the stainless steel protects against breakage and chipping. There are also new ports that make refills easier. Instead of removing the battery and the tank's base, you can fill the tank through a liquid port at the side or another at the top. While you don't have to take the Protank 4 apart for refilling, it’s easier to disassemble for cleaning than earlier versions.

The Protank 4 grows with its owner. Its simplicity serves inexperienced vapers, while its versatility entices experienced vapers and builders. The array of wick and coil choices make adjusting for direct-to-lung or mouth-to-lung vaping styles easier. The Protank 4 demonstrates KangerTech's continuing devotion to greater vaping pleasure. Whether you prefer ceramic or custom coils, homemade wicks or those made for earlier tanks, you'll enjoy the full-flavored vapor that this awesome tank can provide from The Vape Mall.

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