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The Basics of a Vape Coil

Posted by David on

Vaping has become the go to strategy for tobacco smokers who are either trying to quit smoking tobacco or some people may even just want to vape for fun. Whatever the case, there is a way to do it and do it properly. The single most important thing about vaping, aside from the e-liquid you choose to vape with from The Vape Mall , is the care for your coil. coil is one of the major components of your device ! Just as important as a filter is to a cigarette a coil is to a vaping device.

Some of the purposes of a coil include heating the liquid you are vaping, enabling it to produce the vapor you want, providing the desired taste you get from your device, and giving you the ability to vaporize a variety of flavors. So, as you can see, from just that stand-point alone, coils are very important!

Coils can be large or small, dual or single, and made of Stainless-Steel, Titanium, or several other different metals, depending on your device, tank, juice, and overall vape preference (cloud chaser, flavor chaser, etc.). The most important factor in caring for your coil is knowing the type of metal your coil is made of and what is the maximum amount of heat your specific coil can reach before burning out or reaching a toxic level. Most smaller device have coils that are made of kanthal metal which can always be used in the variable wattage mode setting. Stainless-Steel coils, however, can be used in either setting, the temperature control or variable wattage setting. Other coils made from either Nickel or Titanium must be used in the temperature control setting. These specific metals, if overheated, can burn out fast and release toxic gases, and you do not want to breath that in!

When purchasing a MOD with a temperature control setting, make sure find out what kind of metal the coil is made of or you can simply remove the coil and read the wattage settings which should be printed on either the side of the coil, in the instructions, or somewhere on the packaging. That is specifically for temperature control MODs. MODs without a temperature control setting are by default under or at the maximum amount of heat they can withstand.

It is also very important to make sure that you prep your coil before vaping. It is imperative to ensure that the cotton in your coil is damp before use. If you immediately start vaping without making sure your cotton is damp first, it could cause your cotton to burn, thus resulting in a burned taste. Always remember that most single coils are used for vaporizing liquids or small amounts of vapor and most dual coils are used for vaporizing dry herbs and liquids or large amounts of vapor. Caring for your coil and knowing your coil's capabilities are what makes or breaks your vaping experience! Always do your research first and you can't go wrong!

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