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Joyetech Simple AIO Kit Review

Posted by David on

For a number of years, Joyetech has been regarded as one of the most innovative vape hardware brands, always dreaming up new ways to bring us vaping satisfaction. Now, we’re going to be highlighting the Joyetech Simple AIO Kit, a starter kit that, as the name implies, can really simplify your vaping lifestyle without compromising on reliability, performance, or overall enjoyment of your favorite e-liquids. Let’s see what this kit entails, and why it’s completely worth the hype.

Some Background on the Brand

Located in Shenzhen, China – the epicenter, if you will, of vape hardware brands – Joyetech has been a pioneer since the early days of vaping, predating many of the most recognizable names in the hardware industry right now. The brand has always focused on crafting durable, long-lasting, high-performance gear, rarely giving into fleeting trends, in order to appeal to serious vapers who want straightforward, powerful devices.

For many years, Joyetech has been refining their most classic and iconic vape kits, including the eGo, to which this Simple AIO Kit belongs. Streamlining the nature of vaping, this hardware line has persevered by offering an incredibly user-friendly yet powerful interface that has evolved over the years, while staying true to its original mission.

The Visuals and Construction

We want to take a second to talk about the exterior of the device, in terms of its aesthetic appeal as well as how it’s constructed. Starting with the former, Joyetech has always been known for its “no-frills” designs, which speak to a community of vapers who want simple, modern devices that show off a sleek and sophisticated nature, and aren’t overtly trendy in their appearance. The Simple AIO Kit is a pen-style mod that offers up a very basic yet futuristic look, with a metallic cylindrical chassis and atomizer, a single contrasting firing button, and chimney-like drip tip.

Construction-wise, the kit is exceptionally durable yet lightweight, with a pocket-friendly design that is easy to take with you as you go about your day.

The Output

Built into the mod is a 1700mAh battery, which is unbelievably powerful, and it can handle all-day vaping like a champ. This is one of the most powerful internal batteries you’ll find in a vaping system, and it charges rapidly thanks to the USB port on the chassis (the charger is not included). The mod operates at a consistent output level, and uses a single button interface to control firing, power, and adjustment of light color modes.

The Atomizer

This all-in-one device features a child-locking atomizer featuring leakproof technology, and a top-filling design that makes it easy to refill on the road. A wide bore drip tip is built into the structure, and adjustable airflow lets you switch between different vaping styles. The atomizer has a 2ml e-liquid capacity.

Removing the mouthpiece unveils the juice well, as well as the coil installation mechanism. This kit uses an innovative bottom-feeding coil system that allows for exquisitely powerful flavor and vapor production, and uses the BF Coil Family from the brand, which comes in a wide selection of configurations and resistance levels.

Ease of Use

Overall, the kit does an outstanding job at being user-friendly, without taking away from the performance and output capabilities. Advanced vapers will love the extensive selection of coils to play around with, but ultimately, the setup is phenomenally easy to use, from setting up the device (no need for output adjustments) to replacing the coils (through a plug ‘n’ play system). Again, a single button operates the entire system, and because the kit is all-in-one, maintenance is kept to a minimum.

Overall Performance

Basically, there’s nothing wrong with the Joyetech Simple AIO Kit in terms of performance. It supplies you with outstanding flavor (the bottom-feeding coil system plays a large part in this), along with big, fluffy clouds. At the same time, the battery lasts for a long time, showing off the brand’s knack for efficiency in their technology. We’re pretty confident that just about any vaper will be pleased with this kit, all while enjoying the benefits of a far more simplified type of vaping system that requires little effort of any kind.

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It’s “simple”: Joyetech’s Simple AIO Kit can do it all when it comes to flavor, cloud production, and consistent performance, while being one of the most user-friendly, low-maintenance kits you’ll ever have the pleasure of vaping from. With an amazing lineup of coils to choose from, you can basically guarantee finding your sweet spot, more easily than ever before. If you’re ready to streamline your setup, grab this amazing kit from one of the most legendary brands of all time, right here at The Vape Mall.

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