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Steps for Properly Cleaning any Water Pipe, Glass Piece or Herbal Vaporizer

Posted by Brian on

No matter what we do, our herb devices get dirty frequently. That's why it's crucial to develop a cleaning routine that rids the device of dirt, debris and gunk. Once a device gets dirty enough, it will become clogged and simply stop working.

Fortunately, cleaning your water pipe, glass piece or herbal vaporizer is incredibly easy. While all these devices look and feel very different from each other, they are all cleaned in basically the same manner. Cleaning your device weekly will guarantee that your device lasts for a long time and continues to deliver those satisfying pulls that you know and love.

Here are the following steps to follow:

Step #1: Dissemble your water pipe, glass piece or herbal vaporizer. Be very careful to keep all the parts together so that you don't lose any.

Step #2: Use a metal poker to perform the first stage of cleaning out the mouthpiece. This poker does a fairly good job at cleaning out any debris or large pieces of gunk.

Step #3: Pick up each component of your device and tap it gently above the garbage can. This will dislodge any pieces of debris.

Step #4: Use a water-soaked cotton swab to gently remove any gunk from the components of your device.

Step #5: Under a running faucet, hold your device's mouthpiece. The water should clean out any remaining dirt or debris.

Step #6: Use the metal poker one last time to make sure that the inside of the mouthpiece is perfectly clean and free of clogs.

Step #7: Wipe down all the components with a paper towel or a clean cloth.

Final Step: If your device has a battery, wait for the components to dry completely before reassembling your device. Otherwise, put all the pieces back together and enjoy!

By regularly cleaning your herb device, you'll be able to enjoy it for a long time to come.

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