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A Brief Guide to Using the SMOK T-PRIV 3 300W MOD

Posted by David on

One of the most powerful mods in the vaping universe is the SMOK T-PRIV 3 300W Mod. Capable of reaching an astounding 300 watts of power, this device satisfies with huge clouds and lots of advanced features. If you're new to using it, this guide is for you. 

Step #1: Remove your SMOK T-PRIV 3 300W Mod from its box. Then, take out the charging cable and place it somewhere safe. The box also contains a user manual that will likely be useful later.

Step #2: Find the battery door that's on the base of the T-PRIV 3. Unhinge the door and insert three fully charged 18650 batteries. Make sure that you close the battery door securely for the device to function properly.

Step #3: Choose a vape tank that you'd like to use with this device. There are many standard tanks that are compatible with it.

Step #4: Fill your vape tank with e-liquid.
Step #5: Select a coil. It's important to use a sub-ohm coil with a very low resistance level if you plan on using the T-PRIV 3 at a wattage level between 200 and 300 watts. Otherwise, your coil will burn out.

Step #6: Prime your coil by saturating the wick with e-liquid. It's important to allow the coil to sit for a few minutes before installing it into your tank.

Step #7: Once installed, screw the tank onto Mod. Then, you can turn the power on by pressing the power button. Right away, the OLED display screen should light up.

Final Step: Navigate through this unit’s many features using the navigation buttons and the OLED display screen. Then, use the firing button to take a hit.

Following this guide will ensure that you use your SMOK T-PRIV 3 300W Mod properly and in a way that will deliver the most vaping satisfaction.

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