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5 Reasons to Use the Right Battery Charger with Your Mod or Pod System

Posted by David on

We all know the important role that our batteries play in our ability to enjoy luscious clouds of vapor all day long. Without the battery, vaping would be impossible. And, because of that, we need to do what we can to take care of our batteries for as long as they’re capable of lasting. In fact, one of the more overlooked mistakes that some vapers make is being careless about the charger that they’re using.

The Charger Matters More Than You May Think!

Your box or pod mod is only as good as its battery, and as it turns out, your battery is only as good as the charger you’re using to charge it with. That’s why it’s important to follow these main reasons below.

Reason #1: The Manufacturer Knows Best

Often, a vape hardware manufacturer will offer some kind of advice about the type of charger to use, especially if you’re using a pod system or other kind of device that has an integrated battery. This is very important, because the manufacturer understands what the battery needs, and is giving you a suggestion based on their understanding of their hardware.

Reason #2: You Want to Charge Your Battery Safely

Safety is incredibly important, and often overlooked when it comes to charging our batteries. Some types of chargers just aren’t compatible with our vape batteries, especially when it comes to the external batteries with which we use our box mods, that can all look the same but have dramatically different capacities. And, besides that, some chargers don’t have safety features like overcharge protection, meaning that we may be risking real danger if we charge our batteries carelessly. Each battery charger supplies a unique current to the batteries being charged, and then trying to charge a battery with an inappropriate current can lead to harm.

#3: You Want to Keep Your Battery Healthy

Charging your batteries with the right charger isn’t just about keeping yourself safe – it’s also about keeping your batteries healthy. One of the best ways to kill your batteries is to charge them at the wrong current, which is exactly what can happen if you’re not using the right charger. This is why it’s important to look at the specs of any new charger you intend to buy, since they will clearly state the types of batteries that they support, and the capacities that they’re compatible with.

#4: A New Charger Always Works Better

Part of using the right battery charger is using one that’s not too old. Like batteries themselves, chargers start to lose their capabilities after a while, meaning it can take way longer than usual to offer a full charge, or may struggle to make the proper connection to the cable in order to charge at all. So, if you’re using an old charger that’s clearly on its last legs, it’s time to grab a new one. Using an old charger is only dangerous if there’s some sort of short circuit risk, due to damaged wiring or circuitry. But, the bottom line is there’s no reason to wait hours for your batteries to reach a full charge just because the charger is old, when you can grab a new one that does the trick in half the time.

#5: You’d Be Surprised by How Many Bad Chargers are Out There

As is the case with any type of hardware, there will always be low-quality chargers out there that either barely last, malfunction regularly or actually put you at risk of danger due to a lack of safety features built in. In other words, do your homework when shopping for a battery charger for your external or integrated batteries, to make sure that reviewers rate it highly, that it includes safety features and that it’s made by a company that has a strong reputation for both safety and quality.

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