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Two Quick Reasons Why Some Coils are Only Compatible with a Specific Cartridge

Posted by David on

When it comes to switching to a pod system, it’s important that all of your hardware is mutually compatible so that you can actually enjoy this style of vaping. Pod systems are far more simple than sub-ohm systems that many of us are used to, but still, it is crucial to make sure that each component works with the rest.

That being said, you may notice that a nice influx of pod systems coming out use interchangeable coils, and that you can only use the coils produced specially for your pod mod.

The Fit

The biggest reason for this compatibility issue is because of the fit. Those of us who are used to sub-ohm vaping are more acquainted with a universally compatible type of tank system, as all sub-ohm tanks are basically the same in terms of their structure. This means that vapers can easily use a wide array of coils on the market with any sub-ohm tank that they have.

Pod systems are different, however. Each company has their own unique method for making pod systems, and the pod cartridges themselves can vary a lot in size, shape, capacity, and overall design, as well as how they function and connect to the actual pod mod. What this means is that it is less likely that any given coil will fit into your pod cartridge. Also, don’t forget that a good number of pod systems don’t even use interchangeable coils.

When you shop for pod coils, you will even notice that many of them come in unique sizes, shapes and designs, which are made specially to bring the most quality out of the cartridge that they are made for.

The Resistance Level

The other factor is the resistance level. Pod systems operate at all kinds of output levels based on what the manufacturer has decided. Some stay at 10 watts or lower, while others can go up to 50 watts. That being said, the same rules of resistance level compatibility matter whether you are using a pod system or a sub-ohm system.

Choosing the Right Coil for Your Pod System

Ultimately, if you are using a pod system that has interchangeable coils, you should stick to the coils that are made just for that system, by the same manufacturer. This way, you can ensure a satisfying and functional vape for a long time to come.

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