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Bigger Isn't Always Better! Are Big Vape Clouds Always the Way to Go?

Posted by David on

Clouds are undeniably part of the mass appeal of vape mania. Taking a long drag from your MOD and exhaling a huge, perfectly puffy cloud is certainly one of the most satisfying aspects of vaping. Despite this, it is also one of the most wasteful – consistently taking huge hits from your device can result in a diminished user experience in several ways. Big clouds aren't free! They can and do have a big impact on your wallet, and even the way you enjoy vaping.

One of the most annoying problems associated with huge clouds is the reduction in your MOD’s battery life. Taking longer hits obviously demands more energy from the battery, and will also generate additional heat. This effect is especially noticeable in some of the triple-coil devices, where the additional power requirements demanded of the much hotter-running coil layout can drain batteries with amazing speed. Even the popular and well-performing 18650 batteries suffer in these conditions. And although the issue is more pronounced in MODs that naturally draw more electricity, taking long hits often on less powerful vapes can create similar operating conditions and suffer similar battery performance loss. With battery prices being what they are, and the famously slow progress made in battery technology, it is in the average vaper's best interest to maximize their battery life – which means cutting back on those big clouds.

The most obvious result though is in your e-juice. Obviously taking big hits uses more of your e-liquid – that much you expect. But what you might not expect is that the flavors, consistency, and personality of a juice, is carefully curated by a highly trained group of professional connoisseurs. The taste of your vape, how hard it kicks, and how much nicotine you're ingesting are all taken into consideration when a juice is being developed. Taking big hits and making huge clouds can be entertaining, but are hardly the preferred way to enjoy the more nuanced notes of a given e-juice.

If you're like many vapers and prefer your juice with some nicotine in it, taking big hits, all the time won't just change the performance of your MOD – it will change yours too. Taking bigger hits increases your nicotine intake, and as your intake increases, so too will your tolerance. Soon it will take more and more nicotine, and stronger and stronger juices, to enjoy the sensation as much. This is in fact the very opposite of the reason many people switched to vaping to begin with.

This of course is not to discourage big, puffy vapor clouds. Everyone loves the sight of one every once and a while – and sometimes it scratches an itch you couldn't get any other way. But sometimes is not all the time. Next time you're vaping alone (and not trying to impress anyone!), try taking smaller hits, and not making a huge cloud every time. You might notice a drastic improvement in your battery life, the flavor of your vape, or how the nicotine hits you. Making just a small adjustment in your vaping habits can dramatically impact your user experience. Save the clouds for a rainy day – and remember that everyone vapes differently. But the way you vape doesn't begin with what juices or MODs you use, or how many coils you have – it begins with you and your own habits!

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