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A Quick Guide to Using the eLeaf iKuu 180 w/ Melo 4 3000mAh Kit

Posted by David on

The eLeaf iKuu 180 w/ Melo 4 3000mAh Kit is perhaps the most advanced system from the brand to date. Equipped with a monstrous internal battery, generous temperature control options and amazing power, this kit is a great choice for any sub-ohm vaper who craves a highly dynamic, stunningly durable and exceptionally sophisticated setup.

If you’re tempted by this amazing kit but find yourself feeling a little intimidated, never fear. We’ve come to the rescue to walk you through the process of setting up this magnificent vaping system so that you can use it like a pro. As you’ll see, this advanced setup is surprisingly simple and can satisfy your needs no matter what your vaping experience is.

Step #1: Remove the iKuu 180 Mod from its box. Charge the mod until it has reached full capacity. Its built-in 3000mAh battery means you won’t have to remove the batteries in order to charge them.

Step #2: Locate the Melo 4 Tank. Note: Its natural capacity is 2mL, although you can enhance the tank’s size to 4.5mL when using the bubble glass piece that’s included. Select which piece of glass you’d like to use and fill the tank with freebase e-liquid to the maximum fill line.

Step #3: Choose the coil that you would like to use with this tank. Keep in mind that your coil’s resistance level must be compatible with the wattage level that you’d like to vape at. Prime the coil properly by saturating the wick in e-liquid and allowing it to sit for a few moments before installing it into your tank. Next, screw the tank into the mod by locating the 510-thread connection on the top.

Step #4: Turn your device on by pressing the power button. The display screen will light up right away.

Step #5: Use the display screen and the navigation buttons to select your output settings.

Final Step: Take your first hit by pressing the firing button. Enjoy your vape!

The eLeaf iKuu 180 w/ Melo 4 3000mAh Kit is quite an impressive system that’s astonishingly powerful yet simple for vapers to use.

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