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Joyetech ESPION Solo 80W with ProCore Air TC Kit

Posted by David on

For ten years, Joyetech has been ahead of the vaping hardware game. The brand never fails to dream up new ways to combine the most advanced vaping technology with the most stunning visual designs. The Joyetech ESPION Solo 21700 80W with ProCore Air TC Kit is perhaps their most exceptional starter kit to date. This powerful device blends portability with serious power to satisfy every vaper’s needs. 

This is a remarkably stylish starter kit that utilizes all the impressive technology for which the brand is known. One of the most exciting things about this kit is the touchscreen technology that makes it incredibly easy to stay on top of vaping statistics and adjust settings to achieve the perfect sweet spot.

The large display screen utilizes OLED technology to appear vibrant and crisp. Even when you're sitting beneath the sun, you'll be able to read the data on this display screen without any problems. Thanks to the touchscreen technology, this device boasts an incredibly user-friendly interface that even complete beginners can get the hang of in no time.

The ESPION Solo can achieve 80 watts of power. The device is powered by two 18650 or 21700 batteries. Advanced vapers can also choose from a wide range of temperature control settings.

The ProCore Air Tank is an achievement in vaping technology. The ProCa head improves flavor dramatically while making it easier than ever to exhale huge, fluffy clouds. Adjustable airflow slots allow you to control the amount of vapor intake with more precision than ever before. This tank has a vape juice capacity of 4.5 milliliters.

Visually, this is a work of art. It comes in a wide array of gorgeous colors and patterns. This starter kit is remarkably slim and lightweight. You can fit it into most small compartments and comfortably hold it in your hand for long vaping sessions.

The Joyetech ESPION Solo 12700 80W with ProCore Air TC Kit perfectly demonstrates why the brand is still a leader in the vaping industry. This starter kit is highly advanced, visually striking and more portable than most box mods that are on the market today.

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