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Different Types of Box Mod ChipSet Technologies

Posted by David on

When you shop for a new box mod in order to enhance your vaping setup, you’re looking at all of its unique features, its reliability factor and its power. These things are what set different box mods apart, and these factors can vary tremendously from one device to another. They’re also almost always determined by the chip set that’s within the mod.

Chipset technology is an advanced subject, which is why it can intimidate lots of vapers who are simply looking for the best mod for their unique vaping preferences.

However, by understanding what a chipset is and what it’s capable of, you’ll be able to make better choices the next time you go shopping for a vaping device. And, given how much chipsets have evolved over the last couple of years, they’re really quite fascinating to discuss at length.

What is Chipset Technology?

There are two main types of box mods: mechanical mods and regulated mods. Mechanical mods utilize pretty minimalistic technology, allowing users to change many aspects of the interface using their advanced knowledge of electronics. Then, there are regulated mods, which use more advanced technology to operate more safely and in a more controlled manner. Regulated mods are the types of mods that most vapers use, as they come with safety features and circuitry that is not intended to be tampered with.

Regulated mods utilize chipset technology. This means that within the circuitry is essentially a tiny computer that manages the flow of data that allows the device to fulfill multiple functions. Every popular hardware brand has their own chipset technology that’s unique to them. These chipsets play many roles. They maintain the safety features of the device, ensure that the settings that you selected operate consistently, allow you to explore a wide range of features like temperature control and safety mode, and ensure that the voltage level doesn’t deviate throughout your vaping experience.

Different Kinds of Chipset Technologies That are on the Vaping Market Currently

Every hardware brand has their own patented chipset technology, but today, we’ll go over three that are extremely popular among serious vapers.

Gene Fit

Utilized by VooPoo, the Gene Fit chipset is renowned for its temperature control capabilities that allow users to not only choose from a wide range of options, but also ensures that their settings provide a consistent vaping experience. Another thing for which this chipset is known is providing amazing firing speed, which is something that experienced vapers strongly desire.


The DNA chipset from Evolv gets talked about a lot, because it’s one of the most advanced ones that’s out there right now. Consistency is very important to vapers, because once they plug in all of those settings, they want to make sure that each hit is the same. Creating a chipset that ensures absolute consistency is no easy task, but Evolv managed to pull it off brilliantly. The DNA chip set is also known for being extremely power-efficient, which is good news for heavy vapers. And, it’s known for providing users with a massive array of output options so that they can better customize their experience.

Yihi SX

This advanced chipset uses algorithms to ensure a seriously superb vape in a number of ways. It also allows for a wide range of settings and is also very power-efficient. It also allows for extremely high output levels that remain consistent in terms of the quality of each puff.

Box Mod Chipset Technology at Its Finest

When you’re trying to determine how one box mod is more advanced and capable of meeting your needs than the others, you’re likely comparing its chipset to the others that exist on the market. As you can see, chipsets help maintain a consistent vaping experience while giving you the ability to enjoy a wide range of exciting customizable features. Now, you can choose a mod that’s more capable of satisfying your needs thanks to your new understanding of the topic.

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