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Top 3 Mother’s Day E-Liquids to Buy from The Vape Mall

Posted by David on

Can you believe that it’s already time to celebrate Mother’s Day? This holiday is just around the corner, to the delight of mothers everywhere. Whether you’re a mom yourself, or you want to give your vape enthusiast mother a special gift this year, you’ve got to check out the three e-liquids below. Each one of these vape juices is mixed in-house right here at The Vape Mall, and helps you pay tribute to everything that we love about motherhood while you get your vape on.

Mother’s Day E-Liquid #3: Vanilla Cupcake

Vanilla Cupcake is the perfect flavor for Mother’s Day vaping. It allows us to indulge in something festive and decadent, only without the harsh reality that comes with consuming all of those calories.

On the inhale, you’ll get that buttery and sweet moist yellow cake flavor that hits the spot with rich vanilla flavor. Then, when it’s time to exhale, prepare for a mouthwatering experience thanks to the outstandingly creamy and luxurious vanilla frosting. How can you go wrong?

Mother’s Day E-Liquid #2: Pink Bubbly

When Mother’s Day comes around each year, we break out the champagne, typically early on in the day. Pink Bubbly is a great option for those who adore the taste of champagne, but don’t want to overdo it on a Sunday morning. It combines effervescent bubbly with fresh pink berries for a truly spectacular treat.

The inhale gives you the sweet and tangy berry flavor that gets the saliva flowing. The exhale pleases your taste buds with the effervescent, crisp champagne taste that you know and love.

Mother’s Day E-Liquid #1: Bubbly Burst

What’s Mother’s Day without endless mimosas? Thanks to Bubbly Burst, you can savor that mimosa taste from morning to evening without an ounce of guilt, or a dreaded hangover that hits you Monday morning.

When you inhale, you’ll get the bright orange juice taste that eases the thirst instantly. The citrus refreshes you while pleasing your sweet tooth. On the exhale, that marvelous champagne flavor invigorates you with its crispness and effervescence.

Celebrate Mother’s Day with Tasty Flavors

If you want to celebrate Mother’s Day while you vape, these three delectable vape juices from the Vape Mall will do the trick. If you’re feeling extra celebratory, grab all three and enjoy a nice rotation of tasty, festive flavors throughout the day. Happy Mother’s Day, from all of us at The Vape Mall.

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