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Top 5 2019 Memorial Day Weekend E-Liquids from The Vape Mall

Posted by David on

At last, Memorial Day weekend is upon us! This weekend, most of us are planning to spend a day outdoors with our favorite family and friends. Whether you’re planning a camping trip or a relaxing barbecue, it’s important that you make the most of the holiday weekend. That’s why we’ve made a list of e-juices which are perfect for your Memorial Day vaping needs. Each will satisfy your cravings with seasonal flavors that remind you that the summer season has finally arrived.

Memorial Day E-Liquid Flavor #5: Bubbly Burst

A great way to kick off the holiday weekend in style. It’s a festive drink with a fizzy twist, making it perfect for whatever way you’re celebrating this beloved holiday. It’s also uniquely refreshing, making it ideal for vaping on a particularly hot and sunny day spent outdoors. On the inhale, you’ll enjoy the bright, mood-lifting taste of perfectly fresh orange juice. The sweetness of the flavor becomes more and more dominant before bubbly champagne soaks the tongue on the exhale.

Memorial Day E-Liquid Flavor #4: Cola

What’s a better way to savor some summer barbecue than with a nice big glass of ice-cold cola in hand? This one is a flawless tribute to everyone’s favorite soft drink that makes us feel like summer is here. Smooth, sweet, bubbly and refreshing, this vape juice makes you feel like you’re sipping on the real thing, only without all of that sugar. Each inhale gives you that effervescence that makes you feel like you’re downing a nice, big glass of soda. Then, that distinctive taste starts to come through. On the exhale, you’ll love the syrupy sweetness of this beloved beverage.

Memorial Day E-Liquid Flavor #3: Diamond Ice

If this weekend is going to be a particularly hot one, you’re going to need something that can seriously cool you off. That’s where this e-juice comes in. It’s a potent menthol and minty blend that cools you down while refreshing your senses like no other flavor can. Each puff is like inhaling a blast of pure ice. As you inhale, that sweet, cool mint flavor glides along the mouth and rushes down the throat to exhilarate you. Exhale, and you’ll feel like you just dipped your entire head into a refreshing ice bath.

Memorial Day E-Liquid Flavor #2: Orange Dreamsicle

A delicious treat that you’ll want to savor after a day of eating burgers. Inspired by the iconic fruit pop, this e-juice combines zesty orange sherbet with velvety, rich vanilla ice cream. It’s similar to your favorite summertime dessert, only without all of those pesky calories. Every inhale saturates your tongue in bright orange flavor. The citrus invigorates you as warm vanilla starts to emerge. Finally, the exhale soaks each taste bud in luxurious creamy goodness.

Memorial Day E-Liquid Flavor #1: Boom

Searching for a sweet treat with an appropriately patriotic twist? Look no further than that this vape juice. It’s a yummy iced treat inspired by those iconic striped pops from back in the day. Layers of refreshing fruity sorbets join forces to satisfy you from head to toe on those hot days. Best of all, this one can quench your thirst like nothing else can. At first, you’ll get the tart and zesty lime flavor. Then, sharp, sweet cherries start washing away your troubles. When you exhale, sugary sweet blueberry sorbet takes over, refreshing you from head to toe while bringing back wonderful memories of summers long ago.

Celebrate Memorial Day Weekend with Satisfying Flavors from The Vape Mall

These e-juices will get you through Memorial Day feeling as satisfied as can be. Each one taste exactly like the summer season in a vape form. No matter what your plans are this weekend, we hope that you have a great time vaping these tasty juices.

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