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Top 5 2021 Springtime E-Liquids to Be Vaping from The Vape Mall

Posted by David on

Spring is here at last, and many of us are enjoying vaping outdoors in the warmer temperatures. If you’re thrilled that winter is over, you will want to get your hands on some e-liquids that truly capture the spirit of the season. And at The Vape Mall, we have got you covered.

Springtime E-Liquid #5: Bubbly Burst

Bubbly Burst captures the fresh, bright, and effervescent nature of the spring season. This e-liquid combines bubbly pink champagne with citrusy chew candies, creating a vibrant flavor profile that you cannot help but smile while vaping. It’s also got a refreshing taste, perfect for the warmer days of spring.

Starts out with a bubbly sensation on the tongue, along with the authentic taste of rose champagne in all of its sweet and smooth glory. Then, the brightness of the citrus fruits come into play, followed by a rush of sugary, fruity goodness.

Springtime E-Liquid #4: Lemon Meringue Pie

Once the weather warms up, the desserts that we crave our lighter, fruitier, and fresher. One of the most beloved desserts during the spring months is lemon meringue pie, with its bright and cheery citrus notes and weightless meringue that never feels too heavy on a warm spring day.

Our Lemon Meringue Pie e-juice gives you that burst of fresh lemon when you inhale, with the custard-like nature of this lemon curd offering a velvety, buttery note that prevents the tartness from becoming mouth-puckering. Then comes the creamy and sugary meringue, followed by the flaky pie crust when you exhale.

Springtime E-Liquid #3: Strawberry Ice Cream

Spring marks the beginning of ice cream season, but most of us just aren’t in a position in which we can indulge in ice cream on a daily basis. Fortunately, there’s Strawberry Ice Cream, which captures that mouthwatering flavor profile without any of the guilt.

Inhale a blend of bright strawberries and rich vanilla take over your palate. Then comes the richness of the cream, which becomes sweeter and sweeter until you exhale.

Springtime E-Liquid #2: Cucumber Mint

If you’re looking for a vape that will keep you cool as the weather warms up, look no further than Cucumber Mint, which is easily one of the most refreshing e-liquids that we offer. The sweetness of the cucumber is coaxed out to offer complexity to the palate, while the mint complements the cucumber flavor beautifully.

As you pull a cloud into your mouth, the sweet and juicy cucumber soothes you instantly, refreshing you from head to toe. Then comes the taste of natural, freshly picked mint leaves, followed by a cooling gust of menthol when you release the vapor from your mouth.

Springtime E-Liquid #1: Honeysuckle

There really isn’t an e-liquid that screams springtime more than Honeysuckle. The aroma of honeysuckle is associated with the spring months, and many of us cannot resist that sweet and floral taste. Our Honeysuckle vape juice captures that fresh flavor so effectively, you’ll swear you are sucking on those gorgeous little flowers.

At first, get the floral notes that offer freshness and cleanliness to the vaping experience. The honey taste becomes more and more prominent as the vapor travels across the tongue, while the overall flavor profile remains enchantingly light and fresh all the way through the session.

Spring is in the Air, So Grab These Springtime E-Liquids!

These five springtime-inspired vapes will get you through the months ahead with flavor profiles that truly capture the beautiful weather that’s around us. Each of them tribute this time of year with seasonal tastes that are fresh, vibrant, and uplifting, just like the season itself.

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