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The Vape Mall Has the Best Citrus-Flavored E-Liquids Around

Posted by David on

There’s really nothing that refreshes us and lifts our mood like a fresh squeeze of zesty citrus juice. Citrus is one of those magical flavors that always hits the spot, whether it’s the hottest day of summer or the chilliest day of winter.

If you’re looking to satisfy your citrus needs with fresh, bold e-liquid flavors bursting with fruity goodness, you’ve absolutely come to the right place. At The Vape Mall, we aim to please citrus enthusiasts with an astonishing selection of bright, zesty juices that tickle the tongue and quench the thirst beyond belief.

Pegasus Blood

If you’re wild about fruity blends, this is the e-liquid to try. Providing you with the perfect balance between sweet, sticky fruit punch and a sun-kissed, beautifully ripe fruit salad, this flavor provides you with a plethora of nectars that deliver that unmistakable kiss of citrusy splendor. Vape on an continue to taste one mouth-watering fruit after another before those zesty notes sing on the palate. At first, crisp apples, plump berries and tangy tropical fruits glide across the taste buds. When you exhale, your mood will be uplifted by fresh lime, lemon and orange juices.

Citrus Burst

What better way to bring together the best citrus flavors is with a bit of a cool twist? Citrusy tangerines and oranges, as well as hints of grapefruit and lime, come together for the ultimate thirst quencher. If that was enough, a blast of menthol really adds to the flavorful experience. Inhale the vibrant citrus notes and exhale and blast of minty goodness.

Citrus Soda

One of everyone’s favorite ways to enjoy citrus fruits is in the form of a citrusy soda that’s bubbly, crisp and wonderfully zesty. This juice really captures that lemon-lime cola flavor that satisfies the thirst as soon as those bubbles pop on the tongue. Each puff is like sipping on the real thing on a hot summer afternoon while basking in the beautiful sunlight/ On the inhale, the sweetness of the cola satisfies your sugar-related needs while the effervescence tickles each and every taste bud. When you exhale, that blast of lemon and lime smacks you in the tongue and leaves you feeling exhilarated.

Citrus Slam

If you want a clean, refreshing and bright fruity flavor, this is the one. Freshly cut mango chunks and glistening pink grapefruit segments are blended together and enhanced with a touch of lime in order to put a smile on your face as soon as you take your first puff. To call this flavor refreshing would be a gross understatement. At first, the tropical notes dominate, tickling your tongue with tangy and sweet juices. The juice runs down the palate as a rush of grapefruit emerges with its sharp, slightly tart taste. A squeeze of lime ties all of the flavor notes together on the exhale.

Citrus Punch

Reserved for serious citrus fiends, this flavor brings all of those flavors that you crave into one glorious beverage that you’ll want to sip straight from the bottle. Grapefruit, lemon, lime, orange, tangerine and nectarine flavors present a journey of tart, bright, zesty and sweet notes that will keep each taste bud on the edge of its seat. A pleasant hit of tartness introduces itself to your palate on the inhale. Your tongue will be tingling as that bright zest crawls across the tongue. The juiciness soaks every taste bud before the natural sweetness teases you on the exhale.

Bubbly Burst

If you want to indulge in citrus while feeling like you’re sipping on something expensive, you’ll fall madly in love with this blend of pink champagne and chewy citrus candy. The fizziness of the champagne tickles your tongue while that sweet and sour citrus candy flavor intoxicates your taste buds. As the luxurious champagne drips down your palate, the bubbles titillate your taste buds. Then, a rush of sour citrus flavor wakes you up from head to toe. The exhale is pleasantly sweet and perfectly smooth.


For tart e-liquid fanatics, this flavor will do the trick. Lemons, limes and oranges join forces to zap your tongue with a burst of sourness before intoxicating you with their refreshing juices. Zesty, sharp and perfectly fresh, this flavor is a citrus lover’s dream. Once you inhale, a punch of tartness makes your mouth water. The notes soothe your thirst before their natural sugars come through on the exhale.

Satisfy Those Citrus Needs

If you’re wild about citrus, any of these magnificent e-liquids from The Vape Mall will do!

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